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‘Stranger Things 4’ Rifts Take Over Global Landmarks


‘Stranger Things 4’ Rifts Take Over Global Landmarks

The world is about to turn upside down says Netflix.

Ever since 1983, when a test subject in a Hawkins, Indiana lab named Eleven ripped open a portal between Hawkins and the Upside Down (a terrifying alternate dimension beneath the surface of this small town), similar rifts have been opening up in the most unexpected places. Now, they’re officially in our world too.

Netflix Statement:

“Eleven and her friends have captured imaginations from the very beginning and we love putting fans inside the story, taking them through the Upside Down and into an alternate reality. Whether it’s the Stranger Things Experience, or these larger-than-life rifts, we’re excited to open up the universe of the show for viewers around the globe.”

This week, in celebration of the upcoming return of Stranger Things, rifts will start appearing on some of the most iconic monuments around the globe. The streaming service recently hinted that Upside Down will take over 14 countries through 15 landmarks including the Empire State Building in New York City; Bondi Beach in Australia; Duomo Square in Milan; Malecon Barranquilla in Colombia; the Gateway of India in Mumbai and Menara Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Stranger Things is back for more…

Also places that will see promos are Al-‘Ula National Monument in Saudi Arabia; Cologne Media Park in Germany; XBox Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles; Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland; Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm; and the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao; Telefónica building, Gran Vía 28, Madrid; and Plaza del Callao, Madrid in Spain. Other locations include Shoreditch, London and Tokyo, Japan.

A visual spectacle and light show of unprecedented size and scale, fans everywhere will be able to witness in real time as giant rifts to the Upside Down open up around the world.

Netflix Statement:

“With the appearance of these rifts on landmarks in so many countries, we’re putting the world on notice: Things are about to turn upside down…”

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