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Beeb drama ‘Everything I Know About Love’ stars Emma Appleton and Bel Powley


Beeb drama ‘Everything I Know About Love’ stars Emma Appleton and Bel Powley

The seven episode series has been commissioned for BBC One.

The central love story of Everything I Know About Love is between childhood best friends Maggie (Emma Appleton) and Birdy (Bel Powley). But it is also a raucous girl gang show, set in a 2012 London house-share inhabited by four girls – Maggie, Birdy and their mates from university, Amara (Aliyah Odoffin in her debut TV appearance) and Nell (Marli Siu).

The series is an unflinching deep dive into bad dates, heartaches and humiliations and begs the question: can platonic love survive romantic love as we grow up?

Directed by China Moo-Young and Julia Ford, and produced by Simon Maloney, filming took place in Manchester and London last year. Everything I Know About Love will air on Tuesday 7th June, 10.40pm on BBC One, with all episodes available from this date on BBC iPlayer.

Dolly Alderton, author, screenwriter and Executive Producer:

“In terms of the full journey, it was optioned years ago, before I finished the book. We developed it for a good couple of years and I was working out what elements of the book I wanted to put on screen and fictionalise because the book actually covers my whole life. After it was commissioned, I wrote it all in six months which I thought was a really long time! I never thought the book would be on screen, I was just writing a memoir but when there was interest in it, it made sense because it’s the most vivid period of my life; my 20s, the decade of wilderness and learning.”

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