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EastEnders star Maddy Hill leaves role as Nancy Carter


EastEnders star Maddy Hill leaves role as Nancy Carter

EastEnders have aired Maddy Hill’s final scenes as Nancy Carter.

Nancy Carter left Albert Square in the back of a black cab in tonight’s (23rd June) episode of EastEnders. As the result of a series of setbacks in Walford, she has gone to to stay with her brother Johnny in Manchester.

In recent weeks, viewers have seen Nancy come under an increasing amount of pressure and central to this has been her mum Linda’s (Kellie Bright) spiralling alcoholism and involvement in a car crash.

Unbeknown to Nancy, her father’s manipulative girlfriend Janine (Charlie Brooks) was behind the wheel when Linda’s car struck a tree with baby Annie in the back. However, with Janine concealing her involvement in the incident, the appalled Carters believe that Linda was drink-driving with her daughter in the car.

Nancy also discovered last month that the estate agent to whom she transferred £50,000 for a restaurant lease was fake – something else that Janine was behind as she stole the money to pay Linda to leave Albert Square.

With little to smile about, Nancy took her frustrations out on boyfriend Zack (James Farrar) in a recent episode, leading to him having a one-night stand with Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf).

Nancy hasn’t been seeing eye to eye with her mum Linda in recent weeks

The final straw for Nancy in Walford came when Zack’s cheating was exposed at The Albert

This week, Zack’s cheating became public knowledge when Nancy’s attempt to make up for her moody behaviour backfired. Her peace offering – a toy car – was delivered to Zack the morning after his one-night stand with Sam, and a ‘package delivered’ snap showing him and Sam in a state of undress was sent to Nancy by the courier company.

An apologetic Zack proposed to Nancy and tried to heal the rift between her and Linda by bringing them together. However, when Nancy discovered that her mum was still stashing booze, she realised that she couldn’t trust either of them and that it was time to move on.

An EastEnders spokesperson has confirmed that tonight’s scenes of Nancy departing Albert Square for Manchester were Hill’s last in the role. They said: “We wish Maddy all the very best for the future”.

Maddy Hill, meanwhile, added:

“It’s been great revisiting Nancy and the Square over the past year but it felt like the right time to move on for now. I already miss everyone and feel so grateful to work with people I have so much love for.”

Maddy first joined the cast of the BBC One soap in 2013 when the Carter clan moved into the Queen Vic. She left the serial in 2016 in order to try new things with Nancy going travelling with her boyfriend Tamwar (Himesh Patel).

Nancy and Tamwar were married off-screen, but, upon Nancy’s return to Walford in 2021, she revealed that they had split over a difference of opinion when it came to having children.

Between her stints in EastEnders, Maddy played paramedic Ruby Spark in Casualty, and she also appeared on stage in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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