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Home and Away: Martha recruits Roo & Marilyn to help her with a surprise for Alf

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Home and Away: Martha recruits Roo & Marilyn to help her with a surprise for Alf

This week in Summer Bay…

Monday: Post-crash, Xander is tending to Millie, the other driver in the head-on collision. Her head is bleeding & her breathing is ragged. Millie suddenly becomes frantic, asking where her friend Jo is. Instantly Xander is worried – there was someone else in the car? Logan is conscious & seemingly uninjured, but Jasmine tells him to stay put until the ambulance arrives. Xander goes looking for Millie’s friend Jo, who apparently went to look for help. Devastated, Xander discovers a woman dead further down the road.

Cash & Rose arrive on the scene in a flash of sirens & lights, but Jasmine is stressing – where is the ambulance?

Wary of Theo’s unstable emotional state after the Dimitri chapter, Justin & Leah wonder what’s going on with Theo. One minute he has plans to study with Ziggy, the next they discover him helping Dean at the board shop instead.

Meanwhile, Dean has talked Theo around, who comes back to apologise to Ziggy for being so short-tempered.

Tuesday: A contemplative Ryder considers his options. Will he take the big job on the cruise ship? Bella & Nikau notice Ryder’s absent mindedness, but Ryder stays tight-lipped, mulling over his thoughts. Fresh from a rejuvenating surf, Ryder comes clean to his friends – he’s been offered the opportunity of a lifetime & he accepted. But it means Ryder is leaving the Bay. Newly decided, Ryder breaks the news to Alf & Roo. The ship leaves port tomorrow! Alf & Roo are shocked by the suddenness of his decision, but Roo quickly finds cause for celebration – an impromptu farewell party! Alf is not feeling the party vibes, grumbling that Ryder could have given them some notice.

Martha’s newfound independence is rubbing Alf the wrong way. Between her art classes & lunches with friends, where is there space for him? Roo encourages him to respect Martha’s space. It’s important for her mental wellbeing right now. But Alf declares that it’s a husband’s responsibility to be with his wife. Roo brushes aside his concerns & continues the positivity project for Martha, researching yoga & art retreats for her. Feeling threatened by Martha’s distance, Alf tells Roo to back off.

Wednesday: A proud Ryder shows off the cruise ship online, his friends admiring the impressive range of facilities. Chloe is glowing with pride, happy to be sending Ryder off on new adventures.

John is hastily trying to wrangle a goodbye present for Ryder in time for the farewell party. It needs to be soulful & heartfelt, not something thrown together. Gleeful with his selection, John presents Ryder with his gift – a collection of engraved bar blades for his mixology career. Ryder is touched at the sentiment and care John has put into the gift.

Martha worries that Ryder’s departure is going to hit Alf hard. His grouchy complaints seem to be covering for his wounded feelings. As Roo drives Ryder to the port, he gives her a heartfelt goodbye & thanks Roo for looking after him all these years. Roo is touched to tears by his gratitude – a beautiful moment between them.

When Alf goes to process his thoughts over a fishing line, Martha recruits Roo & Marilyn to help her with a surprise for Alf. Transforming the living room into a candlelit ballroom, Martha emerges in a gown and asks Alf to dance with her. Alf is worried that Martha isn’t well enough, but she silences his concern by sweeping him into a slow dance.

Thursday: A highly-strung Mackenzie is worried about Logan after the car crash, suspecting he’s not coping as well as he makes out. Trying to perk his spirits from afar, Mackenzie sends Dean to deliver some pizza and beers to a home-bound Logan on his day off.

Having sent Felicity on her way, Mackenzie sits down with PK to discuss tomorrow’s high roller poker night. But PK throws a spanner – he doesn’t want Felicity there. PK’s done his homework and knows she’s the sister of a cop. He can’t endanger his players by having her present. But if Mackenzie can’t accommodate, he can relocate his poker night elsewhere?

A nosy John is suspicious when he sees Salt is closed again for a private function. What is Mackenzie doing up there? A defensive Mackenzie snaps at John to mind his own business.

Friday: On patrol, Rose & Cash debrief after the car accident – still no conclusions about who was at fault. Cash asks how Xander is doing after not getting the job at Yabbie Creek, explaining that Jasmine was devastated. Rose reels at the sudden closeness of her brother & Jasmine. Cash is amused by her petty jealousy. A wary Cash mentions that Xander has been stopping by the hospital to visit Millie from the car accident. Rose is concerned – sometimes Xander is too soft. Could it be getting in the way of his professionalism?

As the Poker night gets underway, Mac is keeping it together running solo. But to her relief, Ziggy & Tane show up, ready to support her. Mackenzie is elated at their generosity. Back at home, the anticipation is too much for Felicity, who prepares to leave for Salt but is met at the door by… Nathan from the poker nights? What is he doing at her house? A sinisterly smiling Nathan pulls Felicity inside, advising against ‘going out’. When Felicity resists, a big burly man enters the house to back Nathan up. Felicity is trapped and under guard. When Tane gets a disturbing text from Felicity saying, ‘come home’, he leaves Ziggy & Mackenzie to end the night without him. PK seems to be on a winning streak, but then delivers Mac a devastating blow – the House lost. Now she owes the players $100k. She can cover that, right?

Dean arrives home from a night at the movies with Jai to find the house empty. Ziggy isn’t answering his calls. Starting to panic, Dean is shocked when Ziggy enters all dressed-up. Dean immediately knows where she’s been. Before he can get angry, Ziggy tells him ‘something really bad happened tonight’. Dean’s anger turns to deep concern.

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