ITV continue to help Britain Get Talking

Britain Get Talking – the UK’s most recognised mental health campaign – has returned with a powerful film…

The promotion aims to encourage adults to ‘break through’ to teens in a bid to tackle the growing mental health crisis in young people.

The campaign launched with a powerful film on today’s Good Morning Britain, encouraging the nation to connect through conversation to help ease stress, and help adults understand and speak with younger generations.

In the UK, more than 400,000 children and young people are treated for mental health problems every month – the highest number on record. Britain Get Talking’s new campaign explores the gap between what we say and how we feel, and encourages audiences to break through to one another. Almost half of young people struggle with anxiety.

The campaign is supported by Mind, YoungMinds and SAMH in Scotland, and aims to address the disparity between words and feelings, and reminds us how important it is for adults to keep trying to speak to children, as it takes time.

Hosts Ed Balls and Charlotte Hawkins spoke about their own experiences of speaking to their children about how they’re feeling.

“It really changes when children move from being under 10 then into their teenage years when you think it’s harder to have those conversations, but what you learn is you just have to wait for the moment.

“The key thing for a parent is you have to be willing to sit there as long as it takes. The moment you have an opinion then it all goes wrong, so just listening and not being judgemental and just giving kids a chance to say what they want to say. It’s an incredibly powerful film.”

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