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Hollyoaks welcomes Lioness and Manchester City player Lauren Hemp


Hollyoaks welcomes Lioness and Manchester City player Lauren Hemp

Hemp will make a special appearance in tonight’s E4 episode.

Lioness and Manchester City player Lauren Hemp will this week appear in an episode of Hollyoaks.  Lauren plays herself as she coaches Kathleen-Angel’s (played Kiara Mellor) football team following her Euros win.  Charlie Osborne (played by Charlie Behan) and Ella Cunningham (played by Erin Palmer) are starstruck to have a Lioness teaching them skills.

The appearance came about after Hollyoaks recorded an additional scene the day after the Euros final to mark the win. It featured Nadira and Juliet watching a replay of the end of the match and celebrating.

Lauren Hemp:

“I love Hollyoaks and never miss it so when they posted the scene about us on their Instagram I then shared it on my story. Then my agent called and said that I had been invited to come and film a scene. I can’t tell you what I replied but I shouted it down the phone! It was like a dream. I had two dreams in life and they’ve both happened in the last few weeks.

“It was a surreal day and I was just thinking I can’t believe I am here, and people want my picture when I was really nervous but everyone was lovely. I’d love to come back again. I’d like to play a serial killer.’

Hemp notes that her favourite character is Mercedes McQueen. On her ambitions for life post-Euros, Lauren adds,

“One of our many goals as the Lionesses over the Euros was to inspire as many girls and boys as possible to be involved in football and it’s important we keep doing that so if you’re playing football then keep doing it or give it a go if you have never tried. I had many people in the past tell me that I couldn’t do something but its important that you believe in yourself, you don’t listen to anyone. I think this summer has proved that girls can play football too’.

Lauren will appear in tonight’s (Wednesday 10th August) E4 episode at 7pm, and Thursday 11th August at 6:30pm on Channel 4

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