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Another lifestyle exchange in Rich House, Poor House


Another lifestyle exchange in Rich House, Poor House

It’s the last in the series of the Channel 5 ‘house swap’.

In this week’s episode, a single mum with four jobs has big ambitions to start her own food business. Can a super-successful entrepreneur help make her dream come true?

To put it mildly, Sue Bowers works hard.

She lives in Ashby, Scunthorpe, in a two-bed terrace house with her 16-year-old son James and works four jobs to keep afloat. She’s a carer on Mondays, an assistant nurse Tuesday to Friday, she’s a cleaner on Saturdays, and on Sundays she flips burgers.

Sue does all she can to make ends meet and provide the best she can for 16-year-old James, but the jobs are low wage, and she has just £70 a week disposable income. Sue has a big dream though. Working for the NHS, she discovered the health benefits of hemp and wants to drop all her jobs and start a hemp food business.

Swapping homes and living with Sue and James for a week are the Bradleys. Dad Nick, mum Sarah Jane and daughters Megan and Lucy have enjoyed a quite unbelievable success story.

Nick originally trained as a primary school teacher but quit this to try and make it in the horse training business. He soon made enough to take the risk and set up Nick Bradley Racing, which has gone from strength to strength.

He now owns and breeds hundreds of racehorses with Sarah Jane from his beautiful farm in Goxhill — and turns over millions of pounds every year. The experience is inspiring and life-changing on both sides, as the Bradleys learn a deep respect for hard-working Sue and work out a plan for her and James that is revealed in the final meet.

Suffice to say, it’s the stuff of dreams.

Rich House, Poor House, tonight at 9 pm on Channel 5

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