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Patrick Duffy switches Dallas oil for Sourdough


Patrick Duffy switches Dallas oil for Sourdough

Stateside fans of the Dallas star can get their hands on Duffy’s dough.

Patrick Duffy best known for playing Bobby Ewing on prime-time supersoap Dallas and actress and singer Linda Purl fondly remembered as Fonzie’s girlfriend, Ashley, on sitcom Happy Days have recently launched* their tastiest adventure yet, Duffy’s Dough.

The website enables them to bring Duffy’s cherished family Sourdough recipe in their Sourdough Starter Kit ($78) to fans, friends and families across America.

Many of Patrick’s happiest memories were made in the kitchen with family and friends, and now real-life couple Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl want to bring families closer together, as making Sourdough recipes brought Patrick and Linda comfort and joy during the pandemic.

The limited release of traditional and authentic Duffy’s Dough Sourdough Starter Kit will make the perfect gift and collectible this holiday season and includes Dehydrated Starter, Flour, Sugar, Measuring Spoons and Cups, Apron, Potholder, Scraper, French Rolling Pin, and Recipe Book. The first 200 kits come with an apron signed by Patrick Duffy and a recipe book signed by Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl.

Recipes featured include: How to Prepare Sourdough, Sourdough Pancakes, Sourdough Pizza Dough, and Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls. This all started in 1952 when Patrick Duffy’s parents took his family on an adventure to Alaska for over a year. While there in a little twenty foot trailer, his mother was given an old starter said to be well over fifty years old at the time. It has been a staple of his family right up to the present day where Patrick and his sister and use it continually. It has been unchanged that entire time.

In 2020, Patrick’s partner Linda Purl tasted some fresh cinnamon rolls he made with the starter for the first time and was convinced that the world should be allowed to share in the miracle of their sourdough starter. That began Duffy’s Dough and their passion to see people experience the magic of baking from scratch in their own homes.

*Pre-order available now, orders ship October 7th 

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