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Telly shows that can inspire a new hobby


Telly shows that can inspire a new hobby

Watching the box can lead to getting into new pastimes.

Having one or two hobbies is the key to a happy life. Not only can they provide some stress relief, but they’re also a good opportunity to meet new people, increase your confidence, and have fun.

While the act of maintaining a hobby for entertainment purposes has been around for centuries, figures show that nearly six out of ten Brits took up a new hobby during the pandemic.

If you don’t currently have a favourite pastime and you’d like to discover one, stick around. We’re exploring five television shows that may inspire your next beloved hobby.

1) Glow Up
This BBC Three/Netflix phenomenon follows ten aspiring make-up artists who go head-to-head with each other to create the best make-up looks. Each week, the MUAs (make-up artists) are given a professional brief from the judges in a real working environment before moving on to a creative brief.

The artist who fails to ‘wow’ the judges at the end of the day is kicked out of the competition and doesn’t progress to the next episode of Glow Up. Because the aim of the game is to be crowned Britain’s Next Make-up Star, there’s a lot at stake each week.

If you have an interest in hair and beauty, practising make-up looks could be the hobby your life has been craving. Tune in to this show for the ultimate motivation and inspiration and watch how your interest in the industry continues to grow.

Creating make-up looks, whether that be on yourself or somebody else, is an incredible hobby to practise because it promotes confidence, patience, and creativity.

2) The Great Pottery Throwdown
If you’re somebody who’s naturally imaginative and enjoys creating stuff, you should spend some time watching The Great Pottery Throwdown. Hosts Ellie Taylor and Siobhán McSweeney watch as 12 pottery enthusiasts battle it out to be crowned Britain’s best home potter.

Contestants are expected to demonstrate their skills at the wheel and produce a variety of creations such as hand-built table lamps, candlesticks, and garden totems. The show first premiered on BBC Two in 2015 before moving to Channel 4 in 2021.

We recommend catching up on some episodes and seeing if it ignites a pottery fire within you. You may discover that this is a type of hobby that can entertain and inspire you while helping you to relax. What’s more, pottery is a hobby appropriate for all ages.

3) The Great British Bake Off
If you have an interest in baking, we can only assume you watch – or have at least heard of – The Great British Bake Off; there’s a reason why the show has taken the country by an icing sugar storm! The 2021 final pulled in a staggering 6.9 million viewers.

Typically, 12 amateur bakers are given three tasks each week (a signature bake, a technical challenge, and a showstopper) based on that specific week’s theme. Themes can include desserts, bread, pastry, and caramel. The work is then assessed by the judges who declare one contestant to be a “Star Baker” and one to be eliminated.

The Great British Bake Off was first shown on BBC Two in 2010 before moving to BBC One in 2014 and then finally Channel 4 in 2017, where it continues to air. The show has proven to be extremely popular, with brands such as Cath Kidston releasing GBBO-inspired bakeware, including a pie dish, mugs, and cake tins.

Baking is a fantastic hobby to get into and watching The Great British Bake Off is a great place to start! Whipping up your favourite cakes and bread can be a good way to relax and unwind after a difficult day, and let’s be real, indulging in your delicious creations isn’t exactly a chore either…

4) The Repair Shop
BBC One is home to The Repair Shop, a touching show that allows viewers to watch as talented craftspeople breathe new life into old pieces of family history. Many people are in possession of at least one family heirloom that represents a special thought or memory, and it’s heartbreaking when it becomes damaged.

Experts work together to restore these treasures, which can include roller skates, dining tables, and dolls. It’s a heartwarming show, made even more so when you learn that the experts responsible for repairing these unique heirlooms are all close friends behind the scenes.

If you also appreciate the art of restoring special items to their former glory, watching this show could introduce you to your ideal hobby. While a lot of the work we see them carry out is of a specialist nature, you can ease yourself into the art and start small.

First you might fix a broken table leg, and then eventually it could be an antique clock! Repairing and restoring items is a fantastic hobby because it promotes concentration, discipline, and a particular set of technical skills.

5) Grayson’s Art Club
Art is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular hobbies, with ‘drawing’ pulling in an average of 246,000 Google searches per month. If you’d like to explore this further and (re)discover your artistic side, we recommend watching Grayson’s Art Club on Channel 4.

The show is hosted by Grayson Perry, one of Britain’s leading artists, and was first filmed during the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown. Perry encouraged viewers to submit artworks relating to a particular theme (such as portraits, animals, and family) before selecting a few to be discussed at the final exhibition.

Grayson’s Art Club proved very successful across the United Kingdom and has been nominated for several awards, including the 2020 Edinburgh International Television Festival Awards. Not only does the television series put a spotlight on talented artists that may have never otherwise been discovered, but it also helps viewers to see the benefits of practising art.

Creating art, whether that be drawing, sculpting, painting, or something else entirely, can help us feel more relaxed and at peace with the world. Memory retention and hand-eye coordination can also be improved, making this a fantastic hobby both mentally and physically.

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