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Telly Today: politics, bums and a super pack of 25 wolves


Telly Today: politics, bums and a super pack of 25 wolves

Image: Andrew Neil, Channel 4

Telly Today: politics, bums and a super pack of 25 wolves

TV highlights for Sunday, October 9th…


It’s been another tumultuous week in British politics – with a government U-turn on the 45p rate of tax, a looming Conservative rebellion on benefits policy, and households under increasing financial stress as mortgage rates rise.

The government is under pressure; but has Labour fleshed its plans out yet?

Andrew is joined by former Veterans’ Affairs minister Johnny Mercer, in his first television interview since he was sacked. And Labour’s shadow Work and Pensions secretary Jonathan Ashworth.  Plus expert analysis from former chancellor George Osborne and ex-shadow chancellor Ed Balls.

Channel 4, 6.15pm


Produced, directed and presented by Louise Coleman this film explores the popularity of controversial Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Louise meets surgeons who perform them, people who want them and people who get them, and asks ‘Is it worth the risks?’

During the pandemic, Louise Coleman co-founded Verbatim Film Agency, a creative film and video collective which represents individuals from Black and Minority Ethnic communities and underprivileged backgrounds.

ITV/STV/UTV, 10.50pm


In this the fifth episode of six, the series looks at ‘Frozen Lands’.

In the far North of our planet lies the largest land-habitat on Earth, home to snow-covered forests and the icy open tundra. These are lands of extremes that push animals to their limits. In winter they are so cold that much of the ground has remained frozen since the last ice age. To stand any chance of survival animals must adapt in extreme ways. Here, a super pack of wolves, 25 strong, has come together to take on American bison, the only large prey available to them in winter.

On the featureless tundra an Arctic fox must strike a living alone. She is a wanderer and will roam many hundreds of miles searching for tiny lemmings which are hidden deep underground. The only way to reach them is with a head dive.

In the remote far east of Russia a rare Amur leopard prowls the seemingly empty, snow-covered forest. With little prey available it must use its ingenuity to find a meal.

BBC One, 8pm

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