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Europe’s First NFT Vending Machine


Europe’s First NFT Vending Machine

Europe’s First non-fungible token Vending Machine has been revealed.

Hugo McDonaugh, co-founder of myNFT:

“There is so much potential in the NFT market and it’s such a shame to see some of that go to waste when possible investors are put off getting involved by various unnecessary and complicated barriers. From gas fees, gatekeeping knowledge, to having to set up a complicated digital wallet and more, great opportunities are being denied and squandered to newcomers,”

myNFT, the low-cost, multichain NFT marketplace that’s bringing non-fungible tokens to the masses, has announced it will exhibit Europe’s first-ever physical NFT vending machine at the NFT.London conference, from November 3rd to the 4th.

The vending process has been designed to be super easy to bring NFTs offline and into the real world.  What’s simpler than a vending machine? There’s no requirement for any prior experience with NFTs, and there’s zero tech setup like a crypto wallet – just a QR code to scan and you’ll be set up in 2 minutes. For a flat fee of just £10, users will be able to choose an NFT at random. The NFTs dished out by the vending machine range in value, and are all worth at least £10, with some worth over £100.  It’s possible to sell it on the spot or keep it forever as a momento as the artwork may accrue value over time.

In keeping with myNFT’s spirit of openness and accessibility, the physical NFT vending machine will be located just outside the NFT.London conference venue, at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster, London. That means it’s not only ticket holders who’ll be able to use it. Anyone who’s passing by will be free to use the machine to purchase up to five NFTs.

myNFT’s first NFT collection will include an assortment of tokens with various levels of rarity, created by iconic brands including Dr. Who Worlds Apart, ThunderbirdsDelft Blue Night Watch.

One of myNFT’s major goals is to eliminate any barriers to entry in the NFT space, providing an easy way for anyone who wants to start buying and trading digital assets. Its novel vending machine symbolizes the simplicity of myNFT’s platform, creating a fun and engaging process for acquiring NFTs.

Hugo McDonaugh, co-founder of myNFT:

“We’re determined to turn NFT investment into an everyday activity, and break it out of its current clique. The best way for the sector to grow is through popular involvement, and we’re only going to achieve that by breaking down barriers. Our unique vending machine, the only one in Europe, is a fun and quirky way to demonstrate that.”

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