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Jamelia reprises Hollyoaks role of Sharon Bailey


Jamelia reprises Hollyoaks role of Sharon Bailey

Jamelia reprises Hollyoaks role of Sharon Bailey

Hollyoaks have announced that Jamelia is to reprise her role as Sharon Bailey in the soap.

The singer and actress – best known for hits including Superstar, Thank You and See it in a Boy’s Eyes – previously made a guest appearance in the show in the role of Sharon.

She will be back on screen as a series regular from Monday 20th March on E4, and Tuesday 21st March on Channel 4.

Jamelia said:

“I just can’t tell you how happy I am to be back at Hollyoaks. We’ve been having the best time on set and I already have lovely friends here, some old, some new. Sharon’s big arrival unsettles the family dynamic! It’s complicated within the three generations of women but hopefully that is relatable. Sharon hasn’t always prioritised her daughter and her mum is stuck in the middle. There’s a lot for them to work through and I can’t wait for viewers to see how that plays out on screen.”

Later this month, Sharon will pay her mother Pearl and daughter Zoe a surprise visit on Mother’s Day. The resident paediatrician admits that she has a trial shift at Dee Valley Hospital. Pearl is delighted by her daughters visit however sceptical Zoe is not convinced she will stay for long…

Jamelia first appeared on the show in September 2021, where Sharon and her mother Pearl were first introduced. Since taking up permanent residence in Hollyoaks village, Pearl has become a mother figure to Felix (Richard Blackwood), and now runs Price Slice.

Sharon’s daughter, Zoe (Garcia Brown) is a police officer, and had a prominent role in the recent Long Walk Home storyline.

Sharon’s instincts for optimism can get her into trouble, particularly when it comes to her romantic life. Zoe and Sharon are more similar than they want to admit, both hard-working, single-minded career women with strong personalities and messy romantic relationships.

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with a first-look episode at 7pm on E4.

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