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Aviva and ITV join forces to help solve the nation’s financial puzzles


Aviva and ITV join forces to help solve the nation’s financial puzzles

Aviva has joined forces with ITV to launch a series of interactive ‘virtual puzzle’ ads, bringing to life how one of the UK’s leading insurance, wealth and retirement businesses is helping to solve the nation’s financial puzzles.

Mark Trinder, Director of Commercial Sales and Partnerships at ITV:

“This work with Aviva is a great example of really engaging with ITV’s audience by bringing an idea to life and inviting viewers to take part by aligning a creative commercial idea with our programming. Broadcast during ITV’s iconic quiz shows and our exclusive Rugby World Cup coverage, it will reach key audiences to drive awareness of Aviva’s new campaign.”

The series of five 20-second, co-branded ads were made by ITV Creative. They will air throughout ITV’s programmed game shows such as Tipping Point and The Chase, and in some instances the Rugby World Cup games, offering viewers the chance to play along and take part in the virtual puzzles from home. From anagrams and rearranging matches, to ‘match the pairs’, the puzzles have been designed with Aviva’s core audience in mind – meaning that all members of the family can take part.

The puzzle partnership will incorporate “light entertainment energy” and runs until 31 October 2023. It builds on the momentum of Aviva’s successful ‘Make It Click’ campaign – which acknowledges how confusing and intimidating finances can be – and forms part of Aviva’s wider strategy with Publicis Media, increasing the affinity between Aviva and its core audience.

Aviva has worked with Publicis Media on the strategy, planning, management and measurement of the campaign. The latter utilises Right Reach, a proprietary Publicis Media tool that helps clients navigate the fragmenting and inflationary media landscape, to identify the most impactful reach.

Phoebe Barter, Group Brand Director at Aviva:

“We are excited to launch our partnership with ITV, having seen such a natural synergy between our new brand platform – ‘Make it Click’ – ‘virtual puzzle’ ads and ITV’s roster of gameshow entertainment.

“Our Aviva brand is incredibly strong and adding fresh innovation into our media plan helps us to continue building on this, while reaching our audiences in unexpected ways. We know that finances are a source of confusion and anxiety for many and with this campaign, we hope that Aviva can be the missing piece of the financial puzzle for households across the country. We hope it reinforces our commitment to helping things to click into place and gives viewers a flavour of the exciting things to come.”

For more information on Aviva’s ‘Make It Click’ campaign, which launched on Boxing Day last year, visit here.

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