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Drivers could face fines for going just 1mph over speed limit


Drivers could face fines for going just 1mph over speed limit

MPs are calling for a zero-tolerance approach to make roads safer, with the argument that drivers should be fined for going just 1 mile per hour over national speed limits. 

Calls are coming from the All Parliamentary Group for Cycling and Walking in the hope for all tolerances in the enforcement of speeding to be removed.

Responding to this proposition, Graham Conway, Managing Director of Select Car Leasing, said:

“We all want safer roads – whether we’re in our cars, going for a walk, or enjoying a cycle. But this news will be perceived as yet another punishment for car and van drivers, and in the midst of a cost of living crisis, no less. 

“Another concern is that these ‘zero tolerance’ calls are coming directly from the All Parliamentary Group for Cycling and Walking. It stirs more controversy. Over the years, the relationship between cyclists and motorists has worsened, with a recent survey even showing that one in three drivers believe that cyclists should be banned from public roads. 

“With the level of animosity between cyclists and motorists already at an all-time high, it’s my view that this movement is hardly likely to foster good relationships between the two groups. We could even see more instances of cyclist-driver road rage flare-ups – which no right-thinking individual would ever wish to happen.  As others have pointed out, creating a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to speed limits focuses drivers’ attention on their speedometer, and potentially not the road in front of them. After all, not every car is fitted with cruise control or speed limiter which can automatically govern your speed. 

“Another important consideration is that a blanket, zero tolerance approach to speed limits may also exacerbate instances of tailgating – which is already one of the biggest bugbears for motorists in the UK, as well as being incredibly dangerous.  According to a recent survey carried out by Select Car Leasing, tailgating is the number one ‘fear’ among UK drivers. This was ahead of breaking down, getting lost, or even having an accident. 

“If zero-tolerance speed limits are to be introduced, a renewed effort to clamp-down on the nuisance of tailgating must be adopted by police forces.”

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