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Lorraine Kelly in search for ‘famous singers for charity single’


Lorraine Kelly in search for ‘famous singers for charity single’

Today on This Morning, Lorraine Kelly and Lorraine producer, Helen Addis joined Holly and Josie on the sofa to discuss this year’s Change + Check breast campaign and their charity single ‘Golden’. 

During their interview, Lorraine and Helen revealed that they are currently searching for a lead singer to feature on the single and even put a call out to breast cancer thriver Kylie Minogue to get involved!  Sharing the progress of the campaign since its start in 2019, Lorraine said  “We started off with a boobie bus and a boob-balloon, and then we climbed the O2.”

Helen went on, “Every year we try and push it, push it, push it and we’ve now had 66 women contact us to say that they’ve found their breast cancer as a result of seeing the Change + Check campaign. And the majority of women are under the screening age, which is so important because the only people that were actually going to find their cancer was themselves.”

She added: “We haven’t had any men come forward yet but it does affect men as well. One man every single day in the UK is diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Lorraine praised Helen and her success on the campaign so far, “It’s absolutely extraordinary and it’s all down to you [Helen], I know you’re very modest but it is down to you. The fact that you’ve been there and been through it all and you know what it’s like, that has really helped.”

Speaking about this year’s charity single, Helen said, “There’s something about music that we’ve found in this process that has been so therapeutic for us. And some of the women are still living with breast cancer, so it’s been a real challenge for them to make all of the rehearsals and everything, but we’re like a family now and we support each other. We had a song written, we sat in the room, we listened to it and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It was so emotional.”

Holly asked Lorraine and Helen, “You are on the hunt for a famous lead vocal?”

To which Helen responded, “Somebody that’s connected to the cancer community would be amazing, I wouldn’t rule anybody out. I mean Kylie [Minogue] if you wanna call us that would be amazing!

“But it is available to pre-order… and I have to say it’s a charity single and all proceeds go to a breast cancer charity called Future Dreams which supports secondary breast cancer, because it’s secondary that unfortunately takes lives at the end of the day.”

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