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Mark E. Scott follows up ‘Drunk Log’ with ‘First Date’


Mark E. Scott follows up ‘Drunk Log’ with ‘First Date’

Slamming into an anchored barge proves to be a lucky break for the troubled couple in Mark E. Scott’s darkly humorous new book, First Date, the follow-up to his first book, Drunk Log, in which a female bartender follows her intuition to track down a man she thinks is about to harm himself. What ensues is a fast-paced series of near-misses and setbacks that ultimately culminate in a tension-filled encounter on a suspension bridge over the Ohio River.

To learn what happens next, readers will need to grab a copy of First Date, which traces the next 8 hours of the 24-hour period covered in the three-part series. “Drunk Log is the story of a 30-year-old engineer responsible for the death of his 7-year-old nephew, and how the guilt leads him to a plan to end it all,” Scott recapped.

First Date picks up right where Drunk Log left off and continues the ongoing saga of two people who find the right person in the wrong circumstances. Readers witness the immediate aftermath of Jack’s failed attempt at ending his life and follow him as he spends the next 8 hours getting a free ambulance ride to the hospital, being watched by the deputy who tased him, avoiding a psych exam and maybe falling in love with the bartender responsible for his second chance at life, love and redemption.

It all began on a dark and snowy night when Jack executed his plan to take his own life without knowing Aria was right behind him. Instead of dying, they find themselves shivering on a riverbank, having survived a fall from a suspension bridge into the currents and debris of the Ohio River. Lucky enough to slam into an anchored barge, they emerge from the water stunned, bruised and still somewhat drunk. Now, they must work their way through the muck of the riverside to solid ground. Fully intent on ending it all just minutes before, Jack finds himself clinging to Aria for dear life — a life he feels just might be worth living after all.

First Date is a story of individuals haunted by suicide, remorse and unanswered questions: questions whose answers are not to be found in the bottom of a bottle. Secrets are revealed and souls are bared, but answers are still elusive. For now, they only have each other, a dollar store notebook and a teddy bear.

First Date is the second installment in Scott’s three-part, Day in the Life series, in which the unexpected, twisted saga of Jack and Aria unfolds over a combined period of 24 hours. Book One, Drunk Log, was released in 2022 and traces the first eight hours of Jack’s unsteady march toward his intended demise. Book Three is expected by early spring 2024.

Author Mark E. Scott lived in various burgs in Ohio and Michigan before joining the Navy and spending four years travelling the world aboard the USS Mount Whitney. Upon returning home to southwest Ohio, he enrolled at Miami University and completed a degree in Education, only to become a banker soon thereafter. Scott now lives happily in a condo in the Over-the-Rhine neighbourhood of Cincinnati.

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