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King Charles Has a UFO Hotline?


King Charles Has a UFO Hotline?

Nick Pope who used to work the UK’s UFO desk calls on King Charles to help reveal the truth about UFOs and to kickstart the disclosure process in the UK.

He adds that there are several ways that King Charles can do this. He can use his role and authority as King to put pressure on the US government as he has direct access to President Biden and his top people as and when he needs it. Pope states:

“Here is somebody who could pick up the phone and say look here what’s going on in the United States. He could ask for a full classified briefing.”

He can also ask his Ministers for the UK parliament for a written report into the phenomena here based on it’s defence implications – if there is something in UK airspace that we don’t know about then it becomes a defence and safety issue.

The King could also covertly inspire his MPs to help start the UK disclosure process by tabling parliamentary questions similar to how the disclosure process started in the US. Once there is a movement here in the UK the MPs could tap into a groundswell of public opinion and force the Defence Minister to hold a hearing.

Pope also states in the film that due to the interests in UFOs and strange phenomena shown by both his father Prince Phillip and by his great uncle Lord Mountbatten, King Charles will have an interest in UFOs.

The film by musician and UFO expert Mark Christopher Lee states that there are elements in the UK government , just like in the US military & Congress, that believe that there is a “demonic” element to UFO sightings and for that reason alone they should not be investigated.

The King Of UFOs is directed by Mark Christopher Lee who also recently made the hit Tubi film God Versus Aliens which explored the spiritual implications that first contact would have.

The film also has an exclusive interview with former Canadian diver Dan Costello who claims to have worked with Prince Charles on Project Serpico in Nova Scotia in Canada in 1975. Costello claims to have seen Charles pilot an experimental craft that resembled a UFO and was powered by a form of electro magnetism which had a harmful effect on those in close proximity to it. He also states that Charles’s skill as a pilot undoubtedly saved lives that day.

The film is release on Tubi and Ayozat in November.

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