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Jimmi has to think fast in Doctors

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Jimmi has to think fast in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


It’s Saturday, and Scarlett moves into Emma’s. Luca has fun winding her up about their landlady’s behaviour. Scarlett is surprised when Suni calls, inviting her out to a VIP club night. She doesn’t tell Luca. When Sunicalls again, Scarlett lies to Luca and says she needs to go and see Courtney.

At the club, Suni tries to impress Scarlett with a VIP area and champagne. She pretends that she’s not bothered and makes him get her a proper drink! After a few drinks they’re getting on well and she’s teaching him how to flip beer mats. A game of truth or dare leads to a few secrets being shared. Suni asks Scarlett about her relationship with Ollie, and he knows exactly why they broke up. They share a kiss, but what else does the night have in store for them?

Sid can’t believe that Tye wants to out to Northern Soul club night, but agrees to join in the fun. At the club, Tye starts chatting to Martine Toole and it’s clear there’s a spark between them! Sid is worried about Tye’s behaviour at the club, and can’t believe it when his dad gives him an emotional hug.

Back at home, Bear tell Sid that he’ll laugh about their night in the morning. Sid isn’t amused when Tye rolls in with Martine in tow.


A Halloween special. Emma, Luca and Sid discuss a scary collection of short stories called ‘The Blood Rooms’ at work and we see each of them in a fantasy world based on the book.


Kirsty tricks her way into Al’s house and isn’t impressed by what she finds. The house is a mess and Al isn’t very happy to see her. He tells her to mind her own business and go back to work, but Kirsty isn’t going anywhere! She asks Al when he’s coming back – the Mill could really do with him at the moment. Al wonders why she cares – he thought she’d be glad that he was attacked, they haven’t exactly been best of friends. Emotional, Kirsty admits that she feels guilty about what happened to him.

Scarlett isn’t impressed by Suni telling Nina about their night out. Bear brings Zara and Rosie together for some conflict resolution. Zara is not impressed, and Rosie won’t do anything until Zara apologises. Bear has his work cut out…

Gabby Birch wakes up after a night out and she feels extremely unwell. Fiancé Hugo is worried that she can’t remember anything about her evening. At Gabby’s appointment with Luca, Hugo suggeststhat she might have had her drink spiked. Luca asks Hugo to leave so he can speak to Gabby in private. Asshe talks to Luca, Gabby’s friend Jenna calls. They were out together last night and she was concerned by Gabby’s behaviour. Gabby hasn’t been totally honest with Hugo, she and Jenna were out with another old friend from Uni, someone she used to sleep with. Jenna makes Gabby wonder if it was Ash who spiked her drink. She decides to come clean to Hugo, but is surprised by his reaction…


As Jimmi arrives for his weekend retreat, he talks to Emma on the phone. She can’t believe that he’s going to spend the next three days not talking. He tells her it’s exactly what he needs right now, and he’s keen to work with the renowned yoga teacher, Lula Carmine. Jimmi braces himself for absolute silence…

Jimmi arrives for his first session, spotting Lucy who gives him a shy smile. Handsome Luke arrives and Jimmi thinks Lucy prefers Luke to him. As Lula starts the mediation, they are all rudely interrupted by the arrival of Lewis, who makes his way to sit beside an unhappy Jimmi. Lewis can’t settle and makes unpleasant sounds…

At the first meal, Jimmi is horrified to find that Lewis has helped himself to the last of the food and insists on sitting beside him. The silence only makes his noisy eating more annoying. Jimmi settles down for the night, delighted to have a room on his own. He’s unimpressed when Lewis bursts in and takes the other bed. Then the snoring starts…

Jimmi sleeps in thanks to Lewis and Lula isn’t impressed when Jimmi is late for the morning meditation. Will he ever find the peace of mind he needs? Lula passes Jimmi a note at breakfast, suggesting that he do some cleaning to help out. It’s another long day for Jimmi! As they prepare the evening meal, Jimmi goes off to find more potatoes, but while he’s in the larder, Lewis spots the open door and helpfully closes it. Jimmi is trapped in a dark enclosed space – his worst nightmare! How can he call for help on a silent retreat?

As the group take some walking exercise, Jimmi is shocked to see Lewis on his phone. He can’t hear, but Lewis is clearly talking! Jimmi is angry, and then realises that something is clearly going wrong for Lewis. After another night full of Lewis snoring, Jimmi goes to sleep in the mediation hall. During another noisy meal with Lewis, Jimmi has to think fast when his roommate starts to choke.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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