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Arnold Schwarzenegger gives Alison Hammond acting tips


Arnold Schwarzenegger gives Alison Hammond acting tips

It was a case of ‘I’ll be back’ for real when Alison Hammond was reunited with Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenegger during today’s This Morning. 

When Alison asked if he’d missed her, Arnie smiled, “Of course I did! How did you know?”

As the pair became reacquainted again, Arnie confessed how he didn’t want his picture to be on the front cover of his new book. He said, “The funny thing is I didn’t even want to be on the cover because I felt it’s not a book about me, it’s a book about what I want to teach others, and how to make people happier. It’s about the people out there, not about me. But the publisher said, ‘no, are you crazy?’ and it went on to be a number one bestseller so who am I to argue?!”

Reliving some of his childhood memories, Arnie said, “We didn’t have a TV, a telephone, computers, so I had time to think and to find my passion… visions of going to America and getting into bodybuilding, chasing dreams. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The other thing I talk about is having to work your ass off! You have a choice whether you want to live or do you want to just exist. I like to live… I had the philosophy of staying hungry, as soon as I achieved something, I’d look for the next goal to conquer.”

After achieving the goals and titles he wanted to with bodybuilding he admitted he wanted the movie roles next; “I believed I could do that and so I went after that. I went to stunt school, I went to acting classes, I took English classes, speech classes, accent removal classes… They said to me ‘you will never be a leading man because you have an accent, forget about it.’ But I have a rule in my book – don’t listen to the naysayers!”

Alison went on to take some acting classes from Arnold with the Hollywood legend himself declaring that the This Morning host had ‘unbelievable’ talent!

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