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Roo makes a snap decision in Home and Away


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Roo makes a snap decision in Home and Away

Catch the latest drama in Summer Bay in the series finale week…

Dana and Harper discuss their uncertain futures. Dana can’t go back to her old job, and the timing couldn’t be better when Marilyn returns from a run in with Roo, who is in need of a nurse. Dana quickly updates her CV and heads over for an interview. She’s a strong candidate but finds that she cannot lie when Roo questions why she left her last job. She discloses the truth surrounding her accusations of stealing drugs from her hospital workplace. Roo wants time to consider, but her mind is made up quickly when she’s reminded that the alternative is having Marilyn around. Roo makes it clear that Marilyn should gather the rest of her clothes, her possessions, and go.

While Dana waits for Roo’s response, Harper’s former employer calls to confirm she will not be welcome to return. Surprisingly, Harper embraces the response. Maybe this is the universe telling her and Dana they should stay here in the Bay? Finally, Dana gets the job offer from Roo, but when she arrives, she finds a distressed and evicted Marilyn. She begs Dana to report back with updates about Roo, which finds Dana at a crossroads. Of course, Dana wants to help, but is she willing to spy on her client?

Mali’s ‘Promised Wife’, Zara, continues to put the pressure on Mali and Rose’s relationship, crashing their breakfast date and referencing her romantic history with Mali. Xander runs interference so Mali and Rose can talk, but it backfires when he gives away far more than intended. Later, Zara calls in the big guns and passes Mali a phone with his mother on the line. Mali is reminded of his obligation to friends and family, and the expectation to host Zara. He tries to explain his predicament to Rose, but she is bewildered that Zara has been welcomed to stay under Mali’s roof – as long as she wants!

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 

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