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UK performing arts school launches campaign to help mums build careers


UK performing arts school launches campaign to help mums build careers

A new initiative from a UK-wide theatre school company is encouraging mothers back to work with flexible businesses to balance alongside family life.

Joel Kern, founder and managing director of Make Believe:

“We’re so proud of everyone who decides to take the chance to create their own performing art schools and run their own business, and that includes our four ambassadors; Kat, Emma, Sally and Wahida. Launching our Mums Mean Business scheme will hopefully help us to empower and support hundreds more mums who want to work again after having children or create a business that works for them but still allows them to be there for every important moment in their families’ lives.”

Make Believe, the fastest growing extracurricular franchise in the UK, is now offering support to parents who want to create their own business and launch a theatre school in their area that fits around their life.

Launching their ‘Mums Mean Business’ support scheme this month, Make Believe has created an initiative to help mums get back into business and create a career that works for them around their family life and their personal goals. The scheme is helping prospective new franchisees to find an area to set up in, hire qualified teachers that can engage and get the most out of children and recruit students to create classes via targeted marketing support and business advice.

The campaign has been launched with four mums in the spotlight as it highlights their journeys as they took the leap to set up their own theatre schools. The mums run performing arts groups and classes in locations such as Barking, Highgate, Ware, Harlow and many more, joining the UK wide network of Make Believe.

Joel Kern, founder and managing director of Make Believe:

“There’s a huge network of support to help anyone considering starting a Make Believe business as well as creating a business that makes such a huge difference in children’s lives and teaches them skills for life.”

“Make Believe has grown to the size that it is thanks to the hard work and dedication of the mums involved, and we can’t wait to welcome more into the family.”

Started in 2004 with just five students and one school, the company has grown to over 55 schools, 150 classes, 200 teachers and over 5000 students and works on a franchise model to allow individual schools across the UK to create their own businesses that thrive and flourish.

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