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Mystery drama for Channel 5

Channel 5

Mystery drama for Channel 5

Channel 5 adds another drama to its original series’ slate with The Wives.

The Wives is a six-part mystery drama that follows the unravelling of one family in a summer that changes all their lives. Last year, four sisters-in-law and their families escaped to their Maltese holiday apartments, as they’ve done every summer for fifteen years. Sylvie was happily married, Natasha was swimming in wealth, and Beth and Annabelle were thick as thieves. But this year, as they come together again, everything is different. Sylvie’s now single and loving life, Natasha’s hiding a desperate financial situation, Beth is barely keeping her life together and Annabelle is, well… dead.

When Annabelle’s widower Charlie arrives with a new woman in tow, Beth tries to be happy for them, but something doesn’t sit right, Charlie’s new girlfriend looks exactly like Annabelle. Beth’s plans to have a great summer are quickly scuppered by Charlie’s odd behaviour, and her suspicion that there’s more to Annabelle’s death is heightened. With lies coming to light and evidence building, the women work together and against each other to unravel the mystery and bring the culprit to justice. But with corrupt officials, drug cartels and career criminals closer to home than ever expected, have they bitten off more than they can chew?

The Wives has been written and created by Helen Black, Ciara Conway and Jamie Jackson.

Sebastian Cardwell, Deputy Chief Content Officer, Paramount UK:

“We are excited to join forces with the wonderful teams at Gaumont and Banijay Rights for another gripping thriller. The Wives is set to bring layers of mystery and intrigue which is guaranteed to keep the Channel 5 audience guessing.”

A compulsive drama, full of guilty pleasures, The Wives will begin filming in Malta early next year and is set to air later in 2024. Casting details will be announced in the coming months.

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