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Top cleaning hacks to save time


Top cleaning hacks to save time

People dedicate nearly four hours per week to cleaning, according to new research.

The survey revealed that nearly half (49%) of those asked reported that their cleaning habits were greatly affected by the pandemic. Respondents reported that during the pandemic, they would spend five hours cleaning per week, but they’ve managed to cut that number down in recent months.

Keeping carpets and rugs clean (44%) was uncovered as a daily struggle, followed by dirty kitchen appliances (41%) and other surfaces within the home. Some pandemic-era hacks people found to streamline their cleaning included microfiber cloths or mops for quick and efficient cleaning (58%), opting for multi-purpose or DIY cleaning solutions (56%), and utilizing steam cleaners for thorough surface sanitization (51%).

A fifth of those polled (21%) said their favourite cleaning hack was to use a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop. The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Tineco, found that six in 10 have become increasingly concerned about the effectiveness of their cleaning practices following the pandemic.

As a result, cleaning habits have become an area of focus. Many are sanitizing frequently touched surfaces (71%) and cleaning shoes before entering their home (67%) on a more regular basis. Two in three (64%) also reported cleaning their carpets and floors more often.

Popular ways found to make cleaning easier included using a 2-in-1 device like a floor washer that combines vacuuming and mopping (58%), embracing new technologies such as sanitization sensors and dirt/grime detectors (57%), and getting help from other household members (51%).

The survey also affirmed that cleaning isn’t exactly a chore, with 67% of respondents finding it therapeutic and a practice that reduces their stress and improves their mental health. Increased productivity and focus (56%), improved aesthetics and comfort (49%), and even improved physical health (48%) were among the other reported advantages.

2,000 Americans were polled for this research.

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