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Channel 4 search for answers in 40 year old murdered baby case

Channel 4

Channel 4 search for answers in 40 year old murdered baby case

In 1984, the body of a violently murdered baby boy was found on a beach in County Kerry.

The search for answers launched a gripping police investigation by the local Gardai which involved detectives from across Ireland. Much to the disbelief of the local community, the official investigation cast suspicion on Joanne Hayes, a woman from the north of Kerry. Despite a lack of substantial evidence, the Gardai were determined to prove that Joanne murdered the baby on the beach.

This three-part Channel 4 mini-series revisits the case that sparked outrage among women across the country and led to a highly publicised tribunal of inquiry.

The case, which remained unsolved for nearly 40 years, had a sudden breakthrough, bringing us closer today to understanding what truly happened to Baby John. The series meticulously unravels the early days of the investigation and connects to present-day developments, where forensic technology played a crucial role in clearing Joanne Hayes’ name, and provides a chance to uncover the truth about the baby on the beach.

In the first episode, it’s 1984, and a quiet rural town in South Kerry is shocked by the discovery of a brutally murdered baby.

This event triggers a gripping investigation into an inconceivable crime. Joanne Hayes and her family become the lead suspects of the investigation, which was mainly focused on finding women who had recently given birth – much like Joanne. During police interrogations, the Hayes family concede an impossible confession to the murder. In a shocking turn of events, the remains of another baby are discovered on the Hayes family farm.

These remains are said to be those of Joanne’s actual baby which died shortly after being born. This new evidence cast doubts on both the investigative authorities and the Hayes family. This sudden twist in the investigation provokes the question: is there still a chance of finding out what happened to the baby on the beach?

Murdered: The Baby on the Beach, Channel 4, 10.35 pm this evening, December 3rd. The second and third episodes are on Channel 4 tomorrow night.

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