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January return for ITV’s Limitless Win


January return for ITV’s Limitless Win

Ant and Dec may have just returned from the jungle overseeing I’m A Celebrity, but before they flew out to Australia they pondered next year and their return to ITV1 and STV screens with game show Limitless Win.

What can you tease about this year’s series?

Ant: More drama, more tension, more fun, and more wins than ever before!
Dec: Plus of course more ‘shout at the telly’ questions which the whole family can have a go at.
Ant: More contestants climb over a million pounds on our ladder than we’ve ever had before. And big wins. What can I say about the big wins Dec?
Dec: Not too much! Although safe to say, it’s a groundbreaking series in more ways than one.

With a fourth series of Limitless Win already announced, what do you think has been the secret to the show’s success?

Ant: ‘Shout at the telly’ style questions.
Dec: It’s so play along. The whole family can sit round and have a go at every question.

In series two, we saw the introduction of the new lifeline ‘Take Two with Ant and Dec’, which allowed you to get involved in the game, and offer help to contestants. Would you say you’re experts at the game now? How have you fared with your Take Two answers this series?

Ant: Well we are better. We’re more prepared. Season 2 was a bit of a shock, wasn’t it?
Dec: Yes, my heart still does sink every time the Take Two lifeline comes up.
Ant: We’ve only got 30 seconds and it takes us 20 seconds to get round the desk as we’ve only got little legs!
Dec: The pressure is huge when you’re playing for these contestants to get them further up the ladder and possibly win serious amounts of cash.
Ant: But I’m proud to say we did, without giving too much away. We did get some spot on and help some contestants win a considerable amount of money.
Dec: So thankfully we’ve got some really random knowledge up our sleeves.

Each series features brand new relatable questions for audiences to play along with at home. Have you had memorable favourites for you this time around?

Ant: Yes, but we wouldn’t wanna give anything away. Because if we tell you contestants, then as soon as they walk out you’ll know how it goes.
Dec: Our favourite questions are things like, how many segments in a Toblerone, or how many holes in a potato waffle? Those kind of questions really tickle our fancy!
Ant: And the good thing is, in this series we’ve got more questions like that. So if I was you to be prepared, if you wanna play along, just get a tape measure and measure things around your house.
Dec: Really pay attention to all the chocolates and sweets and things you’ve been eating over Christmas, cause you never know you might need to say how many Matchmakers are in a box?

Ant and Dec in a promo for the first series of the show in 2021

Limitless Win always delivers hilarious meme-worthy reactions from you both, whether it be hiding behind the podium, or jumping for joy. Is there more of the same in this series?

Dec: Oh, absolutely, we get so carried away. We’re just so invested in every couple that play the game. You can’t help but become emotional for them during each game.
Ant: In fact, I actually jumped on the desk this series.
Dec: You got told off for that didn’t you.
Ant: I had a very good reason for jumping on the desk, so wait until you watch it.
Dec: All will be revealed. But you did nearly break the desk.

What’s been your funniest or most shocking moment from this series?

Dec: When Ant jumped on the desk, I was really shocked. And it was quite funny when he nearly broke it.
Ant: Do you know what was good? Contestants are coming this series with proper research, spreadsheets, things written down on bits of paper. We have to check their arms before we go into the studio in case they wrote the answers down, like kids doing exams.
Dec: Going into series three people have been doing loads of research and come really prepared. No wonder we’ve had more people going further up the ladder than ever before.

With all the knowledge you have from the last 3 series of the show, how do you think you’d fare playing the game now?

Ant: I think we’d do pretty well. I think we’d be gung ho and then we would probably bottle it near the end. If we were playing for charity, we would probably bottle it and cash out, because I wouldn’t wanna risk the charity’s money.
Dec: That’s the thing. Like everybody watching, you can be pretty brave watching from your sofa. We’re pretty brave when we’re watching from the other side of the desk. But when you’re there under the lights and the cameras are on you and you don’t quite know an answer, oh it gets tense, it gets tough.

This is the first TV quiz with a limitless jackpot. Are you any closer to bankrupting ITV this year?

Ant: In a word – yes! We’ve had more people climb up the ladder than ever before and this series sees the biggest win in the show’s history. Can I say that?!
Dec: I think you just did! There were a lot of accountants around the studio looking even greyer than normal!

Tell us a bit about this year’s contestants. What can we expect?

Ant: Well like we said, they all know the show. They all know how to play the game. They’re much better at using their lifelines and they’ve done more revision.
Dec: We’ve had a really nice mix as well. We’ve had friends, siblings, parent and child, married couples. It’s been a really nice mix of contestants.

Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win series three will start Saturday 6th January on ITV1, STV, STV Player and ITVX

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