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London Aquarium pays tribute to Tom Daley by naming penguin after the Olympian


London Aquarium pays tribute to Tom Daley by naming penguin after the Olympian

Sea Life Centre honours Tom Daley by naming its newest penguin resident after the Olympic gold medallist…

SEA LIFE London Aquarium’s General Manager, Catherine Pritchard:

“From the podium to Penguin Point, we’re thrilled to honour Tom Daley’s incredible achievements with our newest resident, Daley the penguin. This is our special way of celebrating his inspiring spirit and unwavering dedication as he prepares for Paris 2024.”

Sea Life London Aquarium last week revealed the name of their newest penguin resident in honour of the remarkable achievements of the inspiring British Olympic diving gold medallist, Tom Daley OBE. The tribute pays homage to Daley’s dive-tastic achievements ahead of his bid to compete in his fifth Olympics at Paris 2024 next year. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Daley the penguin will proudly sport a gold fixed-wing band, mirroring the golden achievements of the exceptional athlete.

Each member of Sea Life London Aquarium’s Gentoo penguin colony sports a band to identify them. In a heartwarming moment, staff at the Aquarium presented Daley the penguin with a specially crafted knitted penguin toy. This follows Tom’s desire to inspire the next generation of knitters after igniting his passion for the age-old hobby during the pandemic.

Gentoo penguins are great ambassadors for all wildlife found on the Antarctic Peninsula, a location under great threat from climate change, microplastic pollution and the negative effects of human activity.

Sea Life centres globally care for more than 160,000 animals and more than 4,000 different species. The teams look after ethical sourcing, scientific research, rehoming and rescues, and breeding programmes. Every year, they breed more than 3,500 animals, rescue around 200 seals and turtles, and release more than 150 animals into the wild. The teams’ work has a positive long-term impact on the conservation of threatened species.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium’s General Manager, Catherine Pritchard:

“We look forward to our visitors spotting Daley the penguin splashing about and diving at the London Aquarium, while also wanting to take the opportunity to extend an invite to Tom Daley himself to meet his namesake!” 

SEA LIFE London Aquarium, situated on the South Bank, is open seven days a week. For the latest opening times, feeding times, and prices visit the website here.

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