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Lydia and Lenny set their sights on Andrew in River City

Pick of the Plots

Lydia and Lenny set their sights on Andrew in River City

It’s the last visit to Shieldinch until February…

Lydia and Lenny set their sights on Andrew in a dramatic New Year’s Day showdown; Nicole’s plans for a new start are thwarted by a face from her past; and Sonny finally makes peace with the past, as the current series draws to an unmissable close.

At their secret hideaway, Andrew’s paranoia grows and he confronts Victoria. Accusing his sister of blackmail, Andrew makes it clear the trust between them is gone. However, he quickly discovers the depths of her loathing when Victoria brings Lenny and Lydia to their remote abode.

Andrew begs Victoria to save him but she tells her entitled brother than enough is enough – he’s at the mercy of the Murdochs now.

Lydia challenges him with multiple evidence of criminal behaviour towards women. As Andrew pleads his case, his mask of respectability drops and he cruelly jibes Lydia. Cornered, Andrew’s fate lies solely in Lydia’s hands.

Elsewhere, a weary Nicole tells Ash she’s leaving. However, her plans for a new start stall by the surprise arrival of a face from the past – wee brother, Conor Brodie. Recently released from prison, Conor reveals he’s setting up home again in Shieldinch and wants Nicole by his side. As Nicole slowly comes round to the idea, it’s clear Conor’s promise of new beginnings is quite what it seems.

Desperate to make amends, Sonny offers Maggie and Amber the money from Lou’s death benefits but both decline the gesture. Instead, Sonny decides to go on holiday to South Africa – a chance to finally make peace with the loss of his daughter.

River City, Wednesday on BBC Scotland Channel at 10 pm and Thursday on BBC One Scotland at 7 pm

River City will return on Monday 19th February 2024.

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