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More details revealed for Theatre gaming experience ‘Bridge Command’


More details revealed for Theatre gaming experience ‘Bridge Command’

Bridge Command, the new gaming theatre sci-fi adventure where participants become the crew of a starship battling to save humanity, is now on sale.

Further details about the location have also been revealed along with some of what fans can expect, including special performances for younger audience members. Bridge Command will open at Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, South West London. From April, there will be between six and ten performances each day from Monday – Thursday and eight and fourteen per day from Friday – Sunday. These will ramp up in May and June with between eight and fourteen performances throughout the week, with further dates and times for the rest of 2024 to be announced soon.

There are two styles of exciting missions to play through; the Military Mission and the Exploration Mission. Both involve combat, but the Military Mission focuses more on ship-to-ship confrontation whereas the Exploration Mission sees the ship boldly going where no other craft has gone before. There are different roles across the below four subteams and professional actors from Parabolic Theatre will join the action as various characters the crew will meet on their journey through space:

  • The Operations team are responsible for overall running of the ship with roles including Weapons, Comms and Helm
  • The Science team will focus on the route of the ship and new findings with roles including Navigation and Radar
  • The Engineering team will look after the maintenance with roles including Power Management and Damage Control
  • The Command team are responsible for leading the crew and making the big decisions with roles including Captain and First Officer

For the younger sci-fi stars of tomorrow, there will be special Cadet Missions for 11 – 16 year olds beginning in early April which will play during half term and other school holidays. All tickets start at £40.

Bridge Command brings together the best of live theatre and gaming technology. Participants will co-operatively fly a starship through a series of thrilling missions within a sci-fi story full of mystery and intrigue to save humanity from disaster. The spectacular, custom-built, starship set will be fully integrated with bridge simulation software, meaning that whatever takes place in the simulation, from an enemy attack to a ship malfunction, will directly impact the physical set causing systems to break and sparks to fly. Audiences will be fully immersed in the physical environment without the need for a VR headset or other wearable technology.

The experience’s episodic format means participants have the chance to become the stars of their own ongoing sci-fi show where events and decisions from previous missions will be remembered and influence the content of return visits. Stand-alone visits are also welcome in this immersive interactive adventure.

Parabolic Theatre has been at the forefront of fringe interactive experiences since 2016. The work they make is beyond mere immersive spectacle and aims to explore the social and political issues of the age, in creative and historically connected ways. Parabolic shows are highly interactive and responsive to audiences who choose to participate.

They believe that audience agency is at the heart of what makes an experience immersive, and so they always try to offer the freedom to actively explore and contribute – interacting with the space, the performers and other audience members. Parabolic’s audiences are given a purpose for being present within the show and can influence the narrative and outcomes.

Led by Artistic Director Owen Kingston, Parabolic welcomes a variety of artistic associates to collaborate on shows and events, as writers, directors, designers, game masters and performers.

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