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Pick of the Plots: Monday 22nd January

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Monday 22nd January

Pick of the Plots: Monday 22nd January

Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, January 22.

Dean wants to make his relationship with Gina public, but she insists they keep things quiet for fear of her family’s reaction. Dean tries to manipulate Gina to change her mind, but he fails.

Ian offers Dean advice without knowing who he is dating. Later, Linda and the Knights are shocked after Dean marches into The Vic with a bouquet of flowers, declaring his love for Gina.

Meanwhile, Suki is suspicious of Nish when he offers Kat a flat with no upfront costs. Phil tries to buy Kat a drink in The Vic, but Nish tells him to leave her alone. Phil warns Nish not to mess with Kat.

Later, Priya advises Nish to get on with his life as Suki is never coming back, so he calls Kat and asks her on a date. However, Kat says it’s too soon and turns him down.

Elsewhere, Cindy struggles to hide her disdain at Anna and Bobby’s burgeoning relationship.

Also, Kim is floored when Howie reveals he has been offered a 3-month job on a cruise ship; Martin flies to Australia to join Sharon in supporting Michelle, who is having an op.

EastEnders, BBC One, tonight at 7.30pm or watch on BBC iPlayer now

In the school corridor, Dylan asks Mason if he plans to return Liam’s phone, but Mason laughs and tells Dylan that if Liam turns up for their meeting, he’s a dead man. After overhearing the conversation, Liam stares Mason out and promises he’ll be there.

As Liam approaches Mason and his mates, he overhears Dylan referring to him as a loser. Goaded by Mason, Liam rams Dylan up against a wall and as Mrs Crawshaw appears, Dylan falls to the ground.

When Gary reveals that Liam is being bullied at school and Dylan is ignoring him. Sean scoffs, but George silences him with a look.

Meanwhile, Bernie sets about cleaning the flat for Paul but when she opens the cupboard concealing his stash of Benzo tablets, Paul pales. Will Bernie find the tablets?

Elsewhere, Chesney visits Joseph and assures him that he loves him and will always believe him in future. Joseph forgives his dad and they share an emotional hug.

Also, Dee-Dee puts pressure on Ed to start tackling his debts.

Coronation Street, ITV1, tonight at 8pm

Liam accompanies Chas to a hospital appointment.

Chas is given the news that she has triple negative cancer.

Meanwhile, Nicola is uneasy.

Elsewhere, Cathy lashes out when Bob suggests waiting for the forensic results.

Also, Moira checks in on Charity, who pretends she’s beginning to cope.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

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