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Nina stands her ground in Doctors

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Nina stands her ground in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


Nina stands outside St Phil’s handing out leaflets about pain. Ed arrives and reads one of them. Becoming irked, he approaches and argues that this is unprofessional and unlike her. He wonders how she can hold her profession up to criticism. Ed threatens to call security, but Nina stands her ground. Ed taunts her, stating that it’s not even working, but eventually wonders what it will take to make her stop.

Elsewhere Ruhma is concerned over Al’s lack of professional enthusiasm. She devises a plan to get him intrigued and calls, mother-to-be, Monica. Ruhma brings Al Monica’s unusual case, which intrigues him. There’s an anomaly on her ultrasound. Though this makes Al suspicious of Ruhma, he’s delighted to have such a brain teaser.

Later patient Paula sees Al and asks him why everything she eats or drinks tastes bad. Al assures her it isn’t from the medication he’s re-prescribing and questions whether she might be pregnant. She’s adamant that it can’t be that.


Scarlett is running late. Arriving at the Mill, Bear is puzzled by her profuse apologies and tells her she’s not even meant to be working today. Scarlett goes window shopping and then to a café, where she meets Jess who recognises her as a primary school acquaintance. Scarlett sits down, and they discuss what each has been doing over the last few years. Jess tells her of going off with her dad to live abroad, her mother’s death, and her boarding school.

Later, as Jess and Scarlett bond, Jess compliments Scarlett’s top.

Scarlett is flattered and says it was from a shop near here. Jess is eager to visit the shop, and Scarlett finds she can’t refuse. Meanwhile, Philip, Jess’s dad, is on the phone with PC Dyson anxious about his daughter’s whereabouts. Scarlett and Jess have a fun time trying on new clothes and talking about what they’d drink and do on a Caribbean holiday. This gets them onto the subject of romance.

Jess and Scarlett look at some accessories. Jess witnesses Scarlett pick up a bag that she likes, but Scarlett returns it because of the high price. Jess and Scarlett are at the sales counter with their purchases. Jess bumps her arm on the counter with an unusual reaction to the pain, which Scarlett notices. Jess urges Scarlett to go on ahead while she finishes up. They head off to lunch at a nice restaurant.

Scarlett has been here with Suni, so she knows how expensive it can be. Jess tells her she had a good relationship with her dad, but admits she doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with him because of his work. Then suddenly, Jess becomes ill and rushes to the toilets. Scarlett rushes in after her, and Jess looks very ill. Scarlett notices the cannula port in her arm, and a sobbing Jess tells her she has cancer.


Joel Tanner (ALEXANDER LINCOLN) and Luca Mcintyre (ROSS MCLAREN) in Doctors

Jimmi is enraged that someone is impersonating him, putting people at risk, but PC Rob explains the police don’t have anything to go on. Meanwhile, the imposter ‘Dr Jimmi’, Harry prepares for the day, ignoring overdue bills to take prescription drugs and book in ‘patients’.

Harry posing as Jimmi tends to student Lutfi who thinks he’s had an IBS flare up but Harry suspects Lutfi has coeliac disease. He advises Lutfi to make an appointment at Campus Surgery to be referred and is paid cash in hand. At Campus, Sid has just finished examining Lufti who mentions being treated by ‘Dr Jimmi’. Sid races to Jimmi – there’s finally a lead! Sid and the real Jimmi tell Lufti he was treated by a fake doctor and implore him to give them any information.

In Emma’s house, Maria works at the kitchen table when the landline rings for Emma – a desperate Joel is in need of a home bnb room for the night. Maria explains that Emma is in Australia and gives him Luca’s details, she’s about to go away for a few days, but Luca will be able to help… Luca is miffed he has to cancel plans to babysit a lodger.


Nina tells Zara about her opportunity to lecture at the university and asks for advice. Then shows Suni her presentation idea. He gives Nina a few pointers on her pain lecture, which she is nervous about delivering.

Schoolboy Mal is in trouble with 6th former Faze as their school has discovered that the establishment has a dealer on the patch. Faze is demanding his lost earnings from Mal £500 – Luca arrives at the Campus after a great night with Joel where patient Pippa is upset and distracted. Luca sees Pippa, who is in pain and waiting for a new hip.

Pippa is also anxious about her lost dog, Billy, and has offered a reward. Mal sees his chance to get some cash and calls Pippa to demand £500 for the safe return of Billy. She panics and agrees to meet at the park. Luca goes with Pippa to meet Mal but how will things pan out for all concerned?

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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