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British Asian experience movie ‘Tell Me About It’ premieres on Amazon in the UK


British Asian experience movie ‘Tell Me About It’ premieres on Amazon in the UK

Indie British-Asian feature film Tell Me About It is released to audiences across the UK on Amazon Prime.

The film explores the British Asian experience, 2nd and 3rd generation young people, immigrant families and relationships, the young South Asian Gen Z experience and much more.

The film was created to campaign for misrepresented South Asian GenZ, who have a strong influence on the South Asian culture without residential experience and have strong experience of British lifestyle. In the film, the narrative follows a segregated family with limited horizons, at low points in their lives masking reality and desperate for a sense of belonging. It explores identity and family in an immigrant family – while being a thriller with twists and turns.

The thriller is by producer and writer Suman Hanif (Plates, True Colours, What Next?) starring Asad Shan (Welcome to London – the most successful British-made Hindi language film in the UK), actress Ariya Larker (Binny & Baba, Larna) and influencer and BBC Radio Leeds presenter Ahmed Sher Zaman. Their full bios are below.

Suman Hanif:

Tell Me About It holds a mirror at the real-life experiences of British Asians. With broadly appealing themes and authentic characters everyone can find a piece of themselves within the narrative. Its release timing couldn’t be better, aligning with the upcoming general election and the increasing attention on migrant stories in the headlines, making it even more resonant for audiences.”

 Two British Pakistani teenagers Amara and Halima plot a fun, girly adventure from Bradford to London, but their circumstances take a dire turn. Amara is kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity with Halima; daughter of an acclaimed politician whose future plans to tackle drug crime in the city challenged the top goon in town. During this drastic and confusing coincidence, both Amara and the kidnapper are about to find themselves in inexplicable situations, confronting their own unconscious demons which reflects the heart of this drama.

Whilst this layered story shines a spotlight on modern South Asian family dynamics, it explores the prevalence of identity crisis in immigrant communities today. Unconventional dynamics of multidimensional characters are set against each other in a surprising way – and as well as just representation and diversity – moving on from box-ticking, this film represents a true presentation of British Asian filmmaking and identity.

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