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ITV2 reveal the stars of Loaded in Paradise II


ITV2 reveal the stars of Loaded in Paradise II

Following the success of series one of the action-packed reality game show, Loaded in Paradise is back and returning to ITV2 this March…

The second series offers more sun-drenched adrenaline and adventure. The cast for the forthcoming outing has been revealed today by ITV as viewers can look forward to five new pairs who will do whatever it takes to live their best lives as they hop Greece’s Ionian Islands in a race to take control of – and spend – the limitless gold card loaded with cash.

But to find and keep the card won’t be easy when life as a ‘Spender’ comes at a price. In this ultimate game of chase, sacrifices will be made and relationships tested in the pursuit of wealth, privilege and power. And without the gift of the gold card, our ‘Chasers’ will have to make do on a basic budget alone. At the end of each leg of the chase, all pairs will take some time out of the game at one of Plutus’ palatial Safehouses, or so they think. Here, in the lap of luxury, twists and turns can change their fortunes forever.

On the final climatic chase, one lucky pair will leave utopia, loaded in paradise with a cash jackpot.

Kieran and Zoe have been friends for 10 years after meeting on the social scene in Edinburgh. By day Zoe works as a real estate agent but she’s a fun-loving DJ by night. Kieran runs a self-tanning business and is also a personal trainer. These firecrackers love to party and aren’t afraid to stir the pot. As self-proclaimed ‘big personalities’, they regularly blag their way into VIP areas on a night out – a skill they plan to bring into the competition.

They are both fiercely competitive and will do anything to win, starting with a tactical ruse, right from the get-go.

Tizzy and Romeo are brothers who live at home with their parents in Dunstable. They describe their relationship as close but they definitely have their differences. Tizzy says that Romeo is lazy and naps too much and Romeo says that Tizzy is the worst multi-tasker known to man. He also describes his older brother as stubborn and always wants to believe he is right.

Tizzy is a rapper who also owns a clothing line and Romeo is a Hydraulic Engineer. The pair are yet to go on a solo holiday together and would love the chance to spend some one-on-one time together. Tizzy tends to act on impulse and loves the high life and Romeo has concerns about his brother being able to slum it, as Tizzy admits this might be the part of the experience that he struggles with the most.

The pair will lean on their athletic ability to be able to catch the gold card but don’t want the other players to know that, as they attempt to be seen as the underdogs.

Faith and Chelise have been friends for 6 years after meeting through mutual friends and now live together in Manchester. Chelise works in recruitment and Faith is a fashion graduate, looking for a role within the industry. Chelise is from Manchester and Faith who is originally from Snaith, Yorkshire is dubbing herself ‘Faith from Snaith.’

Faith says she’s the more chilled of the pair, whereas Chelise loves the drama and it follows her wherever she goes. Chelise also says that she’s highly competitive and even thinks her and Faith tend to compete against each other. The girls are both single and believe they can flirt their way through living a boujee lifestyle. Slumming it won’t be a strong point for the girls and they have no idea how they will manage sleeping in a hostel or living on a €30 daily budget.

Saffron and Amirah have been friends for over 20 years and were introduced by their mums from birth who are also the best of friends. The pair work together in customer service as energy specialists and while Saffron is the more extroverted one out of the pair, they are like two peas in a pod and have a sisterly bond.

Amirah is very focused and reliable, whereas Saffron can be quite erratic with decision-making – they say this will help with their gameplay. The idea of sleeping in a tent or a hostel is an absolute no-go and is the pair’s worst nightmare.

Amirah is in a relationship and is a new mum, while Saffron is single. They both dream of living the ‘Kardashian’ lifestyle and can’t wait to get their hands on the gold card to live their best lives. Despite being best friends for their whole lives, the pair have never been on holiday with each other and are intrigued to know how they will cope in such an intense environment.

Lewis and Gio met around 3 years ago when Gio approached Lewis and complimented his outfit. The bromance started immediately and within 3 months, they were off to party in Kavos together. Lewis works as a domestic roofer and Gio has his own company for commercial roofing.

Lewis is single and is confident that he will be popular with the ladies on the chase, while Gio is his self-proclaimed wingman. The pair are incredibly competitive and money-driven and will do anything to win, including treading on toes, ruffling feathers and even breaking hearts if they have to.

The pair are a couple of del boys, they both dream of a life of luxury and are determined to be successful businessmen in the future. They can’t wait to get their hands on the gold card and live out their fantasy.

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