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Martin Compston and Phil MacHugh celebrate Norway’s National Day


Martin Compston and Phil MacHugh celebrate Norway’s National Day

Martin Compston and Phil MacHugh continue their travelogue with the BBC…

Martin Compston and Phil MacHugh celebrate Norway’s National Day and try out some traditional jobs.  In the second episode of the series, Martin and Phil hit the road as they head from Oslo to the west coast. Along the way they marvel at some of the famous scenic landscapes Norway is famous for with a stop off in the snowy mountains.

A long drive and a swift change into the Norwegian national dress – the Bunad –  later – and they’re feeling right at home in Bergen. Invited here by Helensburgh lad-turned-local, James, they proudly march in Norway’s National Day parade and celebrate with the Bergen Scottish Society.

The next day finds Martin ‘tired and emotional’ from the previous day’s exploits. Not to worry though as a bracing day at sea is just what’s needed to clear our hungover star’s head.  Phil and Martin become deck hands to fishermen Morten Glesnes and his son Rasmus, who take them out into the North Sea to haul in a catch of cod and sei (pollock). Luckily, there’s a reward at the end of the trip with a ‘fresh from the sea’ plate of fish and chips at the family’s island restaurant.

All that hard graft deserves a break, so the lads take a pit stop and a paddle at Lake Seljord. Will they be blessed with a sighting of Nessie’s elusive cousin, Selma the Sea Serpent, who’s rumoured to be  lurking deep in these waters?

Lastly in this episode, Martin and Phil get a taste of the logging life when they get to play lumber jackers with Lars and Sigurd in the dense forest of Vestland county. Here they discover first-hand how Norway’s timber industry is generating big business, while at the same time the forests are getting denser and taller. Then, it’s time to get on the road to Bergen.

Martin Compston’s Norwegian Fling, tomorrow at 10 pm on the BBC Scotland Channel (Thursday 29 February) and on BBC Two nationwide on Friday 1 March at 9 pm. All six episodes can be seen now on the BBC iPlayer.

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