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Terese is worried about Paul in Neighbours

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Terese is worried about Paul in Neighbours

This week in Erinsborough…


An anxious Isla won’t stop asking for her Grandad, leaving Aaron and Nicolette turning to Remi for advice.

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s jealousy grows as Paul fixates on the hope Terese gave him that his family might forgive him one day. Wanting to help, Chelsea asks Aaron and Nicolette to allow Paul a visit with Isla but is quickly shut down. However, Nicolette is given food for thought when Remi suggests that Isla has latched onto Paul because she strongly associates him with David…

Seeing Chelsea has cemented herself in Paul’s world, Aaron grows concerned for her. Warning Chelsea what she’s in for, Aaron takes her on a ‘Paul Robinson Greatest Hits’ tour, serving some hard truths about Paul’s dastardly past.

Feeling shut out, Toadie seeks out Melanie and vents that Terese is seemingly more worried about Paul than discussing their issues. When Melanie moves closer to soothe him, the two share a loaded moment, but a spooked Toadie takes off before they can cross a line…


Sadie’s private attraction to Byron simmers at the Share House’s party. When the others peel off from a game of truth or dare, Sadie dares Byron to show the last five pictures on his phone and is left flustered by a shirtless thirst trap.

The heat dials up when Byron asks Sadie to teach him a dance move. Unable to fight her attraction, Sadie kisses Byron and when he goes with it, the two fall into a sexy tangle. The next morning, Sadie slips out of the Share House, satisfied to have officially lost her virginity in such a nice way. She assumes Byron won’t want to take it any further and in her attempts to play it cool gives him the firm impression she isn’t interested – and they both agree to just be friends, when both privately would like to explore more.

But when Byron accidentally learns of Sadie’s former plan to ask him to take her virginity because he used to be an escort, he feels like Sadie was using him – and he’s fuming.

Nicolette is stung by what she feels is Aaron’s unfair, unreasonable reaction, and tension in the house mounts leaving everyone on edge and miserable. When Jane suggests Nicolette should be the one to try and fix it, Nicolette unleashes on her mother for seeming to be taking Aaron’s side against her. The conflict escalates when Jane unleashes her own emotions – she’s on her own grieving too, and no one has considered what the terrible strain in the house might be like for her.

Later, mother and daughter apologise to one another, not having realised the extent to which the other is feeling unsupported in this situation. Jane offers to be a go-between so Nicolette and Aaron can have some space and let the conflict simmer down. But Aaron’s continued hostility proves this is going to be a long and difficult road.

Over a video call, Mike grows concerned Jane has a lot on her plate, but Jane quickly downplays the worst of it, not wanting to worry him. As Mike praises Jane’s strength, she admits she can’t wait to have his support and encouragement in person soon. However, when Mike reveals his job has asked him to stay on longer, Jane puts aside her own needs and assures she wants Mike to do what he needs to do. Although Jane pretends she can handle another three more months without him, she’s painfully disappointed as she hangs up the call.


When Andrew’s brother Felix is released on bail, Andrew brings him home to stay at the Rodwell house.

It’s initially a little tense as Andrew takes his role as parole sponsor very formally, but Wendy and Sadie are happy to have Felix there and he begins to settle in. When Felix is introduced to JJ, he grows privately uncomfortable about his secret knowledge… could Felix be JJ’s biological father?

Sadie’s happiness after her night with Byron crumbles under his accusations that she used him for sex.

Byron is deeply hurt, but Haz intuits it’s not like Sadie to do this and believes there may be more to the story. Byron decides to hear Sadie out, and they eventually clear the air. Are these two headed down relationship road, or destined to remain firmly in the friend zone?

Toadie and Terese are still not communicating. Although Toadie’s trying, Terese is fully consumed with finding Josh’s missing plaque. It’s not until Toadie has an unexpected close encounter with Melanie and the kids by the lake, that he realises he needs to fix things with Terese ASAP, or he’s worried they might
not make it as a couple.


Struggling with the possibility that he might have a son, a conflicted Felix is drawn to JJ out of sheer curiosity. During a boxing lesson with Andrew, Felix is left shaken when he clocks the birthmark on JJ that’s identical to his own…

Paul is determined to help Terese find Josh’s plaque. When a dumpster find of Haz’s offers a lead, Paul finds his way to a nearby tip, excitedly calling Terese, who stands Toadie up and joins her ex-husband in the wasteland of debris.

Determined to get his marriage back on track, Toadie plans a date night with Terese. But when she cancels, and Toadie learns she’s gone off somewhere with Paul, Toadie’s resolve crumbles. He seeks out Melanie to vent, but Melanie questions why he really keeps turning to her in these moments…

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