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Cash is crying out for Eden in Home and Away

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Cash is crying out for Eden in Home and Away

This week in Summer Bay…


Cash is crying out for Eden, his voice echoing across the bush as he frantically searches. He calls Remi, but it goes straight to voicemail. Before too long, the SES have arrived, and Search & Rescue leader Sabrina quizzes Cash on his ill-fated camping trip. He admits that they had argued the night before, but they’d resolved it – it’s not what she’s thinking. Soon a wide-scale search is under way, and Cash updates Flick on the phone. Concentrate on the search, she tells her brother, and she’ll try to get hold of Remi. Maybe he and Eden are together.

Eden, restrained by cable ties, cries silent tears as she watches her kidnappers argue. She’s shaken as she hears Wes ordering his brother – “First, we get rid of the dead guy, then we deal with this one”. As they go to the boot of the car to retrieve the body though, both are shocked to hear Remi inhale sharply – he’s alive! Eden runs to her friend when she sees him, and immediately begs for a blanket – he’s shivering. Mickey obliges, much to the distaste of cold-hearted older brother Wes. So, when Wes leaves them alone moments later, Eden uses the opportunity to appeal to Mickey’s good nature. He unties her, but draws the line at taking Remi to a hospital – Wes would never allow it.

When Wes returns however, determined to get rid of both Eden and Remi for good, Mickey’s conscience kicks in, and he finds the courage to stand up to his brother. Eden has to stay, Wes decrees, but as Remi has never seen them, Mickey can take him to the hospital. Eden bids Remi a tearful goodbye and while Mickey and Wes argue over the missing car keys, she slips her bracelet into his jacket pocket. Next, Mickey is in the middle of nowhere when he drops Remi by the side of the road and calls for an ambulance. And back in the Bay, Bree is stunned to see that her next critical patient is her boyfriend! Can she save Remi’s life?


Cash fronts up at the hospital where Rose catches him up – Remi was found on the side of the road, and he’s still in resus. Cash in turn brings Rose up to speed – Eden is missing, and there’s a chance she may have connected with Remi last night. Desperate to talk to him, Cash opts to stay at the hospital until he’s out of surgery, and he’s stunned to see Eden’s bracelet among Remi’s things. Cash and Rose head out to where Remi was found – the middle of nowhere – but there’s no sign of Eden…

Eden meanwhile is still held captive by Wes when Mickey returns, and she’s horrified to learn he left Remi by the side of the road – what happened to taking him to hospital?! Before too long, Wes is bundling her out of the property, and his words to brother Mickey are chilling – “It’s time”. Eden pleads with Mickey – “Please don’t do this” – and a scuffle between the brothers gives her the chance to get free. Just as she issues a swift kick to her captor, a police car emerges across the plain, and Rose and Cash apprehend Wes and Mickey. “I didn’t think I was going to see you again”, Eden tells Cash, as she collapses in his arms.

With her boyfriend on the operating table, Bree is preparing to save his life when Levi muscles in on the case. Bree wants to send him to imaging for a proper assessment, but after a quick ultrasound, Levi has a more immediate strategy – perform a thoracotomy now. Bree resists – it’s too dangerous – but Levi is determined – it would be more dangerous not to. Bree is told to stand down, but later rages at Levi when Remi remains unconscious – the procedure was reckless and unnecessary, and now they may lose Remi for good!

When a now-safe Eden rushes to Remi’s bedside at the hospital, Bree confides her resentment towards Levi and Eden is quick to take it to heart. Tracking her brother down to Mackenzie’s room, she unleashes – “If he never wakes up from this, I will never, ever speak to you again”. Finally at home, Cash tells Eden how scared he was of losing her as she prepares to shower and rest, but as she heads towards the bathroom she suddenly faints. Is Eden okay?


Eden stirs after her fainting spell but refuses Cash’s suggestion that they head to the hospital. In need of a statement, Rose questions her over her and Remi’s ordeal, and Eden recalls how she convinced Mickey to help them – she could tell he was being dragged along by his older brother. As she recounts Mickey’s efforts to save Remi’s life, she breaks down in Cash’s arms. For Eden, the trauma is still too fresh.

After Eden’s earlier outburst, Mackenzie grills Levi on his relationship with his sister. Levi opens up – it doesn’t look good. When Rose lets slip about the kidnapping though, he races to his sister’s side. “Of course, I care” he tells a disbelieving Eden. Things typically go off the rails quickly, and it’s not long before Eden is storming off, and Levi escorted out. Later, Cash puts it to his girlfriend – how can she have so much compassion for one of her kidnappers, and none for her brother? This gives Eden food for thought, and she summons Levi for peace talks. It’s a small step for the Fowler siblings, but a significant one.

Xander meanwhile has his work cut out for him organising ‘Salt by the Sea’, the fundraiser for SCAD research in Mackenzie’s honour. On top of curbing John Palmer’s grab for free tickets, he now has to lock in a new keynote speaker – Bree’s understandably withdrawn while Remi recovers from surgery. As Levi arrives at Salt, Xander’s reticent to ask him, given their track record. But with some coaching from John, he bites the bullet and calls in a huge favour. Not long after, Levi tells Mackenzie he’s agreed to do it, and he’s arranged a day pass for her – they’ll go to the fundraiser together. But when it’s time to get ready the following day, Mac’s adamant she won’t leave the hospital – she can’t take that risk again.


Justin confides in Theo just how much he’s missing Leah – the hardest part is following the doctor’s orders of absolutely no contact. So, when he hears from Marilyn that she’s been writing to Leah – and has received a letter back! – he’s devastated. Soon he’s on the phone to the clinic demanding to speak to his fiancée, but they’re steadfast – it’s against the rules. Justin vents to Alf, who’s more than sympathetic, and soon he’s putting pen to paper in the Surf Club office. “Just write what you feel” Alf encourages his friend.

Mac is adamant she won’t leave hospital to attend the fundraiser, so Levi attempts a different tack – if she’s not going then neither is he. Even if he is the keynote speaker. Mac calls his bluff, and Levi urges her – what is it going to take to get her to come with him? Would a handsome cardiothoracic surgeon and a day off from hospital food cut it? Finally, Levi promises not to leave her side for the whole event, and soon they are glammed up and arriving together. During his speech, Levi opts not to talk science and statistics, but to speak from the heart about his patients, and one in particular – “Mackenzie’s life is more than a number” he tells the crowd. And Mac looks on, deeply touched. After he walks her back to the hospital, the closeness between them is apparent, and Mac, having seen her surgeon in a new light, kisses him. Could this be Mackenzie’s next great love?

Meanwhile, Tane and Felicity continue to navigate being around each other, and Felicity bolts from the fundraiser when overcome by a painful reminder of her failed marriage. Noticing her leave, Tane follows in hot pursuit, and is quick to correct his estranged ex’s assumptions – “I’m so far from okay”, he tells her.


Tane and Felicity talk openly and honestly about the pain of their divorce, taking comfort in one another. But when she suggests that in time, they might figure things out, he’s blunt – “There’s nothing to figure out”. Humiliated, Flick storms into the night, with Tane in hot pursuit. When he does catch up to her, he leads with kindness – you need to stop punishing yourself, he tells his ex. He’s realised it’s not her fault they both want different things. But they’re on different paths now, regardless how much love is still there.

When Tane debriefs with Harper the next day, he’s pleased to have resolved things with Felicity. But as they continue to talk throughout their training session, Tane misreads Harper’s care for him and leans in for a kiss! Horrified, Harper takes off, and when Tane does catch up to her, she’s crystal clear – it’s best they keep their distance from now on.

Bree is at her lowest ebb at Remi’s hospital bedside, where she privately pleads with him to wake up. Kirby arrives and offers to sit with the patient if she needs a break, but Bree won’t leave her partner’s side. Instead, Kirby settles in to keep her company, and Bree shares her fear – there’s still so much room for post-op complications. With Bree’s blessing, Kirby sings to Remi – a stirring Cook Islander spiritual song – and the two watch over him, willing him to wake. Later, it’s Kirby who’s woken by the alarm sounding on Remi’s life support. She panics, but Bree delights as she recognises that Remi’s regaining consciousness.

Later, Bee is horrified to learn that Remi is being moved from Intensive care and demands to know who downgraded him. And she’s affronted to hear the answer, especially following their recent tensions – the order was made by Dr. Levi Fowler!

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 

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