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Mikey and fiancé Jonathon may not have wedded bliss in River City

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Mikey and fiancé Jonathon may not have wedded bliss in River City

This week in Shieldinch…


With health concerns at the forefront of her worries, Kim leans on Bob for support. At the hospital, Kim is pleased to hear she’s eligible for a heart transplant but concerned to learn her rare blood group will make finding a donor even harder.

Struggling to stay positive, Kim becomes emotional about her uncertain future, prompting Bob to look into other options to save her life.

Elsewhere, Chloe has grand plans for Seb and his comeback gig which makes Sam jealous. Caitlin urges him to bury the hatchet so Sam offers his brother his lucky plectrum for the gig.

As Seb prepares for his music comeback, Caitlin needs help at The Tall Ship, resulting in him cancelling his gig. With Seb otherwise occupied, Sam tells Chloe he’ll be Seb’s stand in – but sibling dishonesty is at the heart of his offer.

With their wedding day on the horizon, Bernie and Mulvaney choose their best man and bridesmaid – Lenny and Suzie. However, when Scarlett overhears them celebrate she rages at Bernie for snubbing her sister.


Mikey is suspicious when fiancé Jonathon acts shifty ahead of their small engagement celebration, sensing there’s something bigger in store. Bernie and Mulvaney share glances, knowing all too well Mikey is right – Jonathon has arranged a big surprise party.

Stunned, Mikey is annoyed when Jonathon forces him to make a speech in front of everyone as a horrified Gillian watches on. Later, Mikey confronts Jonathon about going against his wishes and disregarding his feelings. This leads to a showdown and some startling home truths about their sudden engagement.

Elsewhere, Alex is irritable after a disastrous date the night before. Nicole spots a distressed Alex walking the streets and listens intently as he opens up about the issues he’s uncovering through Roisin’s counselling sessions.

Sonny receives a warm welcome when he returns from his much-needed break in South Africa. However, when he gives her an expensive gift, Maggie worries Sonny is masking his heartbreak with generosity.

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