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Nina suspects staff gossiping in Doctors

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Nina suspects staff gossiping in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


Rob gets a call from Ruhma at the station checking he’s still up for dinner. He is but is interrupted by news that there’s someone at the front desk for him. Rob goes down and finds Liv upset. She explains she’s been mugged and had her laptop taken. Rob comforts Liv and then tries to get details so he can file a police report, but Liv struggles with her story and Rob realises she her laptop wasn’t actually stolen and Liv confesses she sold it.

Rob explains he’ll have to tell the school and her social worker and wants to know where the money went. She explains she gave it to someone called Stew, but then clams up and won’t say anymore.

Kirsty arrives at work with a spring in her step which Scarlett notices. Kirsty explains she’s going out for lunch with Dave again and Scarlett questions whether this is about Rich and Kirsty says it’s nice to get some attention. At lunch Dave is distracted and Kirsty is annoyed. She calls him on it and he reveals he’s bought them tickets to a metal gig. Kirsty realises it’s in six months’ time and they have an awkward chat about going on a date a bit sooner than that.

Scarlett and Al wind Michelle up about her supper with Nina. She then meets Sid for the first time and expects him to have heard about her supper with Nina, but Sid is oblivious and clearly put out that more people have been invited to Nina’s and he hasn’t. Nina checks that Zara isn’t put out by her inviting Michelle and Zara insists she’ll be ok.


Rob reminds Liv about Ruhma coming over for dinner and Liv says she’s going to a friend called Amber’s to do homework but says she’ll be back for curry. Ruhma arrives and tries to give Rob cooking tips. They talk about Liv and share stories about their kids and Rob thinks he must be mad agreeing to do it all again.

Liv is late and Rob starts to get worried and can’t get through to her. He realises he has no idea who Amber is or where she lives. They track her down on social media and Amber says Liv isn’t with her. Rob is worried and goes looking for her in the usual teenage haunts with no luck. He eventually calls the police to report her missing, while Liv is at a house party canoodling with Stew McLaren.

Michelle arrives at Nina’s for supper. Nina is already merry and makes disparaging comments about the wine Michelle has brought round. Nina questions Michelle about her intentions at The Mill, wanting to know if she’s interested in a partnership. Michelle says she isn’t and Nina’s questions get more personal. Nina talks about Suni being bisexual but Michelle has to call her out for being borderline biphobic. Nina insists she isn’t. Michelle eventually makes her excuses and says she has to get home because of work tomorrow.

Bear and Luca see that the poster for Kirsty’s charity night has them billed as ‘special musical guests’ which unnerves them both. They’re surprised to see Kirsty working evening surgery with them instead of Scarlett. Luca panics about having to choose a song to sing and Bear says he think he’s found one, upping the pressure on Luca.

Kirsty wants to know what he wants to sing but Luca manages to get out onto his bike before she can ask, only for him to have to come back because he’s got a flat tyre. Kirsty offers him a lift so they can talk song choices. Luca has to come back into The Mill to go to the toilet, and he and Kirsty secretly hear Bear singing beautifully in his office. This delights Kirsty but concerns Luca, how can he compete with that?


Fifteen-year-old Liv Morgan has been out all night and Rob has waited up for her. After she arrives home, safe but still drunk, he confides his worries about how he’s doing as her foster parent to Ruhma, who reassures him. Liv’s annoyed when Rob makes her go to school with a hangover. At school, Rob has a meeting with Liv’s headteacher, Mr Mayhew to discuss the school laptop that Liv sold last week. He asks that they go easy on Liv as she’s got a lot going on.

Zara questions Michelle about her dinner with Nina last night. Michelle mentions that Nina said that change is good and it would be coming to The Mill soon. Zara looks worried and immediately goes to find Nina.She asks Nina if she has plans or if she has any problems with The Mill. Nina brushes her off, blaming her comments on the wine she drank last night and Zara is mollified. Nina questions Michelle on what she told Zara, who bristles at the accusation of gossiping. After hearing Bear sing, Luca tells Kirsty he’s pulling out of singing at the charity auction – there’s no way he can compare to that. Al makes him feel guilty though for letting Kirsty down, so he suggests donating to the auction instead.

Tina Bridges, a university lecturer, is annoyed when she realises that Barry Biglow has not only listened to her private phone call but is intent on giving her unwanted advice. She tells him off for being rude, putting Barry in an angry mood. He’s further annoyed when he discovers a pile of used nitrous oxide gas canisters, presumably left by partying students last night, and annoys Tina further by asking if they’re hers. Later, Barry finds a woozy Tina at her desk, having bashed her head. She refuses to go to hospital, so Barry insists on taking her to The Campus Surgery. Sid examines Tina and she opens up about being miserable after a breakup.

Barry and Scarlett bond while chatting about Karen. Tina tries to apologise to Barry, but they end up having another argument. Scarlett and Sid worry about Barry’s bad mood. Sid tries to get Barry to open up, concerned he’s bottling things up.


Word has spread through The Mill about what a fantastic singer Bear is, and though he is nervous, he is enjoying the praise as he heads off to meet Kirsty at the venue.

He tells Kirsty he’s going to sing a different song. Kirsty’s thrown, but agrees, desperate for him to perform. She tells Dave how brilliant Bear is, and he starts to feel the pressure. Kirsty stresses when her compere is running late. The compere, Nigel finally shows up for rehearsal and the plans go into action for the event. Later Kirsty finds Bear practicing and gushes to him about  how great he is.

Suni arrives back at The Mill after his prescribing course. He makes a beeline for Scarlett but, before he can talk to her, is summoned to a meeting with Zara and Nina. Zara wants to know how he found the course and is annoyed at his lackadaisical attitude to it. Suni tries to arrange a date with Scarlett, but things are more difficult than he expected between them.

Michelle has her first FME shift at Letherbridge Police Station. Rob tells her about a woman who’s been arrested for attacking a police officer. She won’t give them her name and has some injuries they need Michelle to assess. Di confirms to Michelle who she is but asks them not to tell her husband – they’re separated. Michelle suspects there’s something more to it when she discovers scars on Di’s back.

Michelle asks if her husband hurt her and Di confirms it was him, later Di refuses to report her husband to the police, convinced it won’t go anywhere.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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