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Gladiators reaches its final for 2024


Gladiators reaches its final for 2024

Everything comes down to tonight, as contenders battle it out to be crowned Gladiators Champion 2024…

Bradley and Barney Walsh host as contenders take on the superhuman Gladiators. Get set for all the classic action-packed battles alongside jaw-dropping new events and sixteen mighty Gladiators. Four contenders have made it to the last edition and now must face the resident superhumans across five brutal events before going head-to-head in the legendary Eliminator.

After ten gruelling weeks of competing the final four contenders are Finlay Anderson, Wesley Male, Bronte Jones and Marie-Louise Nicholson. They take to the arena one last time to see who has the will, the skill and the heart to be a winner and walk away as Gladiators Champion 2024. But it won’t be easy as tonight as Apollo, Athena, Bionic, Comet, Diamond, Dynamite, Electro, Fire, Fury, Giant, Legend, Nitro, Phantom, Sabre, Steel and Viper bring their A-game for The Grand Final.

The Final Four

Finlay Anderson

Army Officer Finlay was put through his paces in the heats by coming against Giant in Duel and Apollo in The Ring before claiming victory in The Eliminator. The Quarter Finals saw him injure himself on The Edge so he chose to forfeit the Gauntlet meaning he went into The Eliminator 11 seconds behind his opponent Wesley. However all was not lost as Finlay earned his place in the Semi Finals as the fastest runner up and managed to win which meant a rematch against Wesley in the Gladiators Final.

“I started this journey just happy with the opportunity to be on such an iconic show from my childhood. The dream has now reached a whole new level, could I really be the Gladiators Champion?!”

Wesley Male

Wrestler Wesley joined the competition in the Quarter Finals where he stunned the Gladiators in Gauntlet and just beat fellow finalist Finlay in The Eliminator to earn his place in the Semi Finals. There he flew past Legend on The Edge & dug deep to win The Eliminator setting up a rematch with Finlay in the Final.

“Being a part of the process is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity a dream come true. Being able to perform on one of my favourite TV Shows, in Sheffield Arena (I’ve attended many times as a wresting fan), in front of family & friends in the Gladiators Final will be something I will remember for the rest of my life!”

Bronte Jones

23 year old firefighter Bronte from Sheffield has only failed to pick up points once throughout her run on the series. In the heats she managed to withstand some powerful hits from Diamond in Duel and in the Quarter Finals came up against the mighty Fury in The Ring. Bronte came from behind in The Eliminator to secure her spot in the last four. In the Semi Final she powered through Gauntlet and earned her place in the Final.

“It feels crazy to be in the Gladiators Final! I applied for this show because I thought it would be a lot of fun and a brilliant experience, although I’m a very competitive person I really wasn’t expecting to get this far into the process and to know I’ve held my own against the Gladiators, I feel really proud of myself.”

Marie-Louise Nicholson

Dublin born personal trainer Marie-Louise scored maximum points 5 times over the series. In the heats she did struggle on the dreaded travelator but managed to power through to the Quarter Finals where she was able to escape Sabre’s claws and climb to the top of The Wall. Marie-Louise won her place in the Semis where she was dealt some powerful blows from an explosive Dynamite on Duel and sent over The Edge by Diamond. However she overcame a 9 second deficient on The Eliminator to take victory and become a finalist.

“Back when we were auditioning I was so stoked to get a call back, never ever did I think I would now be standing here gifted a place in the Gladiators Final!! It just makes me believe that I am capable of so much more then I ever believed. But it has been a journey of being inspired by television, watching an old show that touched so many hearts in the 90s come to life again and be such a massive success. The amount of hard work that goes into a show like this, it truly is one of a kind and this reflects why it has been such a big hit. I am inspired and so lucky to a part of it all.”

The current episodes were filmed at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield. A new series of Gladiators will go into production later this year.

Gladiators – The Grand Final, tonight (30 March), 5.50pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

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