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Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 10th April

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 10th April

Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 10th April

Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, April 10.

Elaine and Cindy team up to get George to open up. They convince him to testify against Eddie.

Later, in court, George is cross-examined by Eddie’s defence. Gloria shouts out in court much to the disgust of Eddie. As the court breaks, Eddie glares at George and Gloria.

Gloria struggles to contain her emotion and baulks from the court room before she collapses outside.

Meanwhile, Denzel is annoyed when Yolande ruins his plans by refusing to go to prayer group, and faces off with Pastor Clayton outside the Community Centre.

Later, Yolande and the Pastor make amends after berating Denzel for his rudeness. Pastor Clayton puts Yolande back in charge of their charity plans.

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Nina makes it clear to Evelyn and Shona that despite all the crank calls, they must still answer the phone as Roy is hoping for a call from Lauren’s mother.

After reading through comments online, Stu tells Yasmeen and Alya that he intends to help Roy clear his name as he knows what it’s like to be wrongly accused.

In the precinct, Stu talks to a homeless guy, hoping for information about Lauren and as he pulls out his wallet, he fails to notice the guy picking up a brick. Stu returns to Speed Daal with a bloodied face and explains to Yasmeen how he had his wallet stolen and was hit with a brick.

Roy reels in shock as Evelyn reveals that Hayley’s son Christian has posted some hurtful things about him and Hayley online. Lauren’s mum Kerry calls at the café and introduces herself to Roy and Nina.

Meanwhile, Nick catches Leanne with her eyes closed and explains that she’s ‘reality coding’ in an attempt to eliminate the unexpected. When Debbie mentions that Rowan’s leaving for the States today and she will be glad to see the back of him as she’s sick of listening to his ‘reality coding’ nonsense.

As Rowan checks out of the hotel, a breathless Toyah arrives and quizzes him about the Autovalent Institute. Later, Toyah shares her suspicions with Nick that Rowan is a fraudster.

Elsewhere, Violet is insistent on Dylan returning to London with her. Heading towards the tram station, Dylan admits to Violet that he doesn’t want to leave as he wants to put things right with the people he hurt. Will Violet have a change of heart?

Also, Jenny explains recent goings-on to Rita who points out that she is equally as culpable as Daisy; Debbie offers Ed a job as handyman at the Chariot Square Hotel.

Coronation Street, ITV1, tonight at 8pm

Marlon struggles to comfort Rhona ahead of her court appearance.

Meanwhile, plucking up the courage, Charles proposes. A bewildered Manpreet feels pressured to say yes.

Elsewhere, Nate is surprised to find Caleb doubled over with pain. When Caleb pleads for help, will Nate be defiant in the face of his enemy, or leave his uncle to suffer alone?

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

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