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Race Across the World returns to BBC One


Race Across the World returns to BBC One

Race Across the World returns to BBC One for a fourth season…

Five teams of intrepid Brits will battle it out in a breath-taking 15,000 kilometres race across Eastern Asia through some of the world’s most populous regions and some of its most unexplored as the eight-episode series returns this evening to the Beeb. The teams will race from northernmost Japan; crossing six seas and eight borders, skirting the path of the volcanic ring of fire – the most geologically unstable region on the planet to reach the finish line in Lombok, an idyllic Indonesian island paradise.

The journey will see them race through multiple countries, including experiencing Japan’s clash of ancient traditions and ultramodern, unexpected South Korea. They will also come face to face with chaotic and colourful Vietnam and brave the unexplored Indonesian archipelago – the largest Muslim nation in the world. Leaving behind their smartphones, internet access and bank cards, they will be armed only with the cash equivalent of the airfare from Sapporo to Lombok.

The race begins in Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido, the most northerly of the four main islands of Japan. To reach the first checkpoint in Nara City teams face 1600 kilometres through one of the most expensive countries where only a small percentage of the population speak English. With a myriad of routes to choose from they must use all their skills, ingenuity, and determination to make it off the island and to the checkpoint.

The teams include two mother and daughter duos, Brydie and Sharon and Eugenie and Isabel; best friends, Alfie and Owen; married couple, Stephen and Viv and brother and sister, Betty and James.

Race Across The World 2024

Alfie (20, Football Referee) and Owen (20, Trainee Pilot) from Hertfordshire are best friends from school with a determination and maturity rarely seen. While one wants to experience everything the race throws at them, the other only has eyes for the finish line.

Betty (25, Social Media and Events Manager for a Gym) and James (21, Sales Consultant) from Yorkshire are sister and brother – one is well travelled, the other prefers partying in Magaluf. Barely in touch as adults, their hope is to share the experience of a lifetime.

Eugenie (60, Teacher) and Isabel (25, Trainee Clinical Scientist) from Barking/Birmingham are a mother and daughter with clashing personalities and contrasting strengths who hope the race will improve their understanding of one another.

Sharon (52, Cleaner) and Brydie (25, Snowboard Instructor) from Kent are a mother and daughter learning to embrace the challenges of travel and dyslexia.

Stephen (61, Retired) and Viv (65, Retired) from Rutland are a retired couple on a quest to prove that wisdom, perspective and maturity is the winning formula. With a newfound zest for life, and in pursuit of a thrilling adventure, they are grabbing hold of life with both hands.

Leaving behind their smartphones, internet access and bank cards, the race will test the five teams like never before, pushing them to both their physical and emotional limits. But with their feet on the ground, and their eyes wide open the rewards will be great, and the memories will be everlasting. Only one team can emerge victorious as they all vie to be first and claim the cash prize of £20,000.

Race Across The World, BBC One, tonight at 9 pm

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