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Pick of the Plots: Thursday 18th April

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Thursday 18th April

Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, April 18.

Once at the hotel, Tom prioritises watching Belle go about her business on the hidden camera, but is incensed to see Vinny arrive. He grabs his keys to travel home.

Tom tracks Belle’s phone to the scrapyard. He panics when he hears Vinny coming into the cabin and hits him over the head with a paperweight. Tom wipes his fingerprints from the scene and abandons a bleeding Vinny in the cabin.

Meanwhile, Victoria is embarrassed as she explains to Leyla that Jacob has not taken the placement abroad in order to remain close to her. Both worry Jacob’s relationship with Victoria will limit his life, so Victoria makes a big decision.

Elsewhere, Charity is thrown by the family’s changed behaviour and persuades Mackenzie that she wants the family to return to normal.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

Tony takes Ro shopping for new clothes. When they bump into Mercedes, Ro asks her if she will join and help them with shopping.

Back at home, Diane gets angry at Tony for making the decision to buy Ro a new wardrobe without her agreeing. Ro overhears Diane tell Cindy she misses “her little girl”. Tony tells Diane that she needs to begin supporting their child.

Meanwhile, Abe ignores Cleo. When the two come face-to-face, he ends things with her, blaming her traumatic past resulting in her pushing people away.

Elsewhere, Nancy gives Frankie dance clothes and suggests she joins the dance squad with Vicky and Leah. JJ walks in as the dance session wraps. When the siblings are alone, he discovers Frankie’s self-harm scars.

Hollyoaks, E4, tonight at 7pm

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