EyeSpy: Crossroads at 50 – A New Beginning

Central News: Crossroads: Jill and Adam

In a special ‘episode’ of Crossroads as part of ITV Central’s celebrations Jill (Jane Rossington) and Adam (Tony Adams) finally get their happy ending denied to them in 1988 and 2001.Central News marked Crossroads’ 50th by speaking to the actors and fans at Ramada Birmingham: Sutton Coldfield, formerly the Penns Hall Hotel, which was used in the 1980s as the exterior of the fictional Crossroads Motel.

The series, set in the world of Kings Oak began in November 1964 and ran for nearly 5000 episodes. In the series Jill opened the programme with “Crossroads Motel, Good Evening,” and became one of the longest running characters. Jill first met Adam in 1978, marrying him in 1983. They split in 1988 with Jill driving off for a new life with a new lover – but fans were unhappy with the finale.

In 2001 Jill and Adam reunited in a revival of the soap for ITV, but once more happiness was short lived as Jill was apparently murdered and dumped in the hotel lake, while Adam seemingly died in a fire a year later. So tonight fans were thrilled to learn Jill and Adam are now living happily together with a real ‘happy ever after’.

The Central News report also meets fans at the Ramada who marked the 50th anniversary, and speaks to Jane Rossington and Tony Adams about their roles.


At the weekend BBC Radio 2 also hosted a two hour Crossroads special presented by Paul O’Grady.

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