1985_2A reproduction of EastEnders‘ first ever scene will air during the soap’s 30th anniversary live week.

The scene in question aired February 19, 1985 and saw Arthur Fowler, Den Watts and Ali Osman discover a barely-alive Reg Cox after kicking in the door of number 23. Reg died shortly after being admitted to hospital with viewers finding out months later that Nick Cotton was responsible for his demise.

Thirty years on the show’s opening scene has been ‘lovingly modernised’ in honour of EastEnders 30th anniversary – making use of original sound effects and referencing the first ever line.

In a special hour long episode this Thursday, three current Albert Square residents will kick down the door to the same property and make an unnerving discovery of their own. This time they find Nick Cotton and he’s already dead.

“Live week allows us to have some fun while also paying respect to our past. Our Story Producer Alex Lamb had the idea to replicate EastEnders’ first ever scene back when we started planning our anniversary – and it has been lovingly modernised for 2015 by Anniversary Producer Sharon Batten, our longest serving EastEnders writer Rob Gittins and Director Karl Neilson.


“With little touches like this throughout the week, we will hopefully make Julia Smith and Tony Holland proud of the show they created back in 1985.” – Executive Producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins

It is not the only nod to the past that EastEnders will be giving this week and viewers should keep their eyes open for other moments that mirror past stories.

Viewers saw Nick meet his maker in Friday’s (13th February) episode after a bad batch of heroin – bought by his ‘Ma’ – caused his health to deteriorate. After Nick revealed his true colours to Dot, she opted to leave his fate in the hands of Jesus instead of seeking medical assistance for her son.

EastEnders 30th anniversary will see live scenes inserted into pre-recorded editions  prior to a fully-live episode on Friday (20th February). Preceding the week’s episodes will be a special edition of The Graham Norton Show on Monday (16th February) featuring cast members past and present.

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