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We take a trip back to August 2nd 2008 for the first edition from the second series of Mikey K. A weekly personal column by DJ Michael Keohan. This article was entitled ‘About You Now…

Seven days, that’s 168 hours, or 10080 minutes. Amazing what life itself can throw at you in this time. Still we deal with it how we always do that’s by remembering in England there are a lot of pubs for you to drown your sorrows in. Radio DJ Mikey also discusses some of the famous faces who dropped by the studios this week.

Although this is often the case with myself it seems so many of these sorrows in the past week have become reasons to celebrate. I know a lot of people think I spent the summer on some exotic work cruise but I can assure you this is not the case as demonstrated last week.

Managed to spend some good time with Anthony Costa (from Blue) Russ Spencer (from Eurovision Scooch) and also Lisa Riley (Mandy Dingle in Emmerdale) as well as Anthony Kavenagh…..Who?! They dropped by the radio studios last week for a chat with me after we’d spent the night before in a bar drinking our way through most alcohol the bar had to offer, We almost left them dry on the mixers too.

Michael Keohan DJThe second part of the week saw me take to the decks in Sheffield Hallam, Mixing up for them at the opening Tease night of the term, Although I’m now seeing why people in the north were for the most part of the last century confined to Cole mines the feral beasts.

I have decided that I am now rather than donning a superhero outfit and climbing into the arms of a criminal record I am going to attempt a modern version of the last Alamo, but rather than fight Cowboys, I have taken the task with whichever bachelors I can find to fight relationships.

I have very good grounds to host this stance a protest if you will against society which thinks you must marry someone if you have been with them for more than six months. Take for example a friend who is about to enter a relationship with I quote “someone so amazing that I would just want to shout about them from the roof tops.” So before drawing breath or allowing me to reach for my sick bucket, moves on to planning a rendezvous to cheat on this so called amazing guy.

This leaves me speechless and at the same time confirms to me why this last stance is the best stance, because once you realise what your fighting then you need a head scan to wonder why you want someone to help you spend your wages, moan if you visit the pub, complain you don’t make the effort and then make you visit in-laws, Surly there is no vice great enough to enter a world where your answerable to someone?

Oh and the ex returning to facebook after a year’s absence just confirmed why I feel this stance should become policy!

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