Jake Wood isn’t keeping up with EastEnders

Jake Wood as Max Branning

EastEnders star Jake Wood has admitted that he isn’t keeping up with events in Albert Square whilst on hiatus from the saga.

The actor opted to take a one year break from his role of Max Branning last year and is expected to resume filming in September. Although only temporary, Max made a dramatic departure from Albert Square in the back of a police car after being wrongly convicted of killing Lucy Beale. Viewers know that Lucy’s younger brother Bobby is the real culprit.

“I left in July and I haven’t watched an episode since I left. I needed a good break. I’ve done nine years without a break. I went up and saw them (the producers) and said I was knackered and wanted a bit of time out. They’ve given me this summer off as well because I want to be with the kids and then it’s September I’m pencilled in to go back.” – Wood speaking to Kugan Cassius in an iFL TV YouTube interview

Max’s final scenes in October saw him captured in Albert Square after escaping from court to confront Bobby’s mum Jane (Laurie Brett) over a false alibi she had provided for him in court. Max eventually realised the truth about Bobby but his claims fell on deaf ears as police officers escorted him away.

“When I’m having this break now, I’m not watching it at all, so I don’t know who’s doing what.” He added that when the time comes for his return, he’ll ‘watch it on catch-up’. – Jake Wood

The realism of Max’s escape from court after jumping the dock has been called into question, Wood noted of the development:  “It was fun, stupid isn’t it? It seemed a little bit far fetched, but it’s great drama, isn’t it?”

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8.00pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One, with repeat screenings on BBC Three at 10.00pm. Viewers can also catch up online via BBC iPlayer.

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