The fallout from Michelle and Preston teased in new EastEnders pictures

All eyes were on Michelle Fowler in the closing moments of tonight’s (27 March) EastEnders. Michelle – played by Jenna Russell – was very publicly asked, “Are you sleeping with my boyfriend?” by niece, Bex.

As these new pictures show, tomorrow night’s (28 March) episode of the BBC soap looks set to be dramatic as the truth about Michelle and Preston’s (Martin Anzor) relationship unravels.

“With Michelle’s secret out, a fuming Martin reels from the bombshell and confronts Preston for his actions. As Ian does his best to calm the situation, Michelle struggles to come to terms with what’s happened leading to disastrous consequences.”  – BBC

Tonight’s episode saw Michelle fear the consequences of her actions after hitting Sharon’s son Dennis (Bleu Landau) last week. Dennis had been blackmailing Michelle over her secret relationship with Preston but pushed her too far when he called her a paedophile.

As Michelle struggled to cope with the pressure, she became jealous of Preston and Bex’s (Jasmine Armfield) relationship and had a word with Martin (James Bye) hoping he’d dissuade it. However, he didn’t, and Michelle was later stunned when Preston announced he and Bex are now official.

Meanwhile, Dennis tipped off step-sister Louise (Tilly Keeper) about Michelle and Preston, and Louise told Bex the truth. As a 60s-themed night got underway at the pub, Michelle was put on the spot by her niece…

The immediate fallout can be seen in tomorrow’s episode at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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