Editor Reports: Moaning parents need to shut up when it comes to Cerrie Burnell

ATV Today editor Doug Lambert dishes his tough opinion on the parents who complained about new CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell because of her disability.

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ATV Today’s editor Doug Lambert takes a look at the priority of news for NOTW.

Special Report: Administration

As the recession begins to bite and customers stop spending more firms are falling into administration.

A look back at some of the issues covered by EastEnders

One of EastEnders most controversial issue based storylines climaxes this week as evil paedophile Tony King is arrested for abusing his step daughter Whitney. Here we take a look back…

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ATV Today’s editor Doug Lambert ponders shows that television producers and commissioners should never consider reviving.

Classic Whodunits

  EastEnders is about to offer us up the latest Whodunit as someone in Albert Square is about to go to extreme lengths in the BBC soap. To celebrate this…

Thames TV at Forty: Death on the Rock

A look back to forty years since the launch of London’s Thames Television.

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In this Editor Reports Doug Lambert takes a look at those shows that didn’t bring in the viewers fast enough for telly executives and were swiftly disposed of.

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ATV Today editor Doug Lambert picks some acting talent who could be easily added to the cast of BBC One’s EastEnders.

Question: How hard is it to find out what channel a programme airs on?

Answer: Not very!