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Friday News File: Surprise Surprise

Forget  ‘Inside Soap’, forget ‘Bizzare’ – The Friday Soap File is the only place where  you’ll see in article what people are really thinking. Yes it might not go down  well with producers and TV companies – but Ian Westhead doesn’t care about that,  he says “let those other publications lick the behinds of the telly execs for  some pointless exclusives, and we’ll say it like it really  is.” Surprise

Sunday News File: Burnt Out

Yes another week over, doesn’t time fly, and as usual its about time we had another round up of what’s good and bad in the world of soap news. Now this week, and only this week, we’re the Sunday Soap File. This delayed edition is down to myself spending a little time in London chatting up some media types. Thankfully only one was from ITV, and yes – I did

Give Us A Break

“Fern is having some time off and we are hoping to see her back at work very soon.” Welcome to another TV Weekly, a mini version of our ‘Friday Soap File’ – only for TV news. This week we were told Fern Britton was to have time off This Morning, only to return the next day, MTV are hiring the son of a famous dead footballer and we won’t be

Friday News File: Amazing News

What a week! Yes looking around the websites and newspapers I can safely say a load of old cack has been reported over the past seven days. Lets take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of soap news. Its Friday the 13th of June 2008… unlucky for some… Woah! Hold the front page! Amazing news.. “Emmerdale star rules out reality TV” I did

X Off

When his rather tragic television career fades away, Piers maybe can return to his only talents of share-tipping, apparent stalking and front-page manipulation.”   Welcome to the first TV Weekly, a mini version of our ‘Friday Soap File’ – only for TV news. In this week’s edition its goodbye Sharon for the X-Factor – again! After he called Graham Norton ‘talentless’ we take a look at five things with more

Friday News File: Outdoor Activity

Now all the press were told that last Friday was Emmerdale’s 5000th episode, in fact, your TV guide was wrong, it actually aired on Tuesday. Some may say it was an attempt to boost ratings for Friday and Tuesday; however, no, I’m sure it was just another telly schedule cock up. Writes Mike Watkins as he gives his views in this Friday News File.

Friday News File: Starkers

Not a lot has happened over the past seven days, although today is the day that Emmerdale reaches its 5000th edition, although the current state its in, I’d rather watch episode one again. Mike Watkins casts his view over the latest soap news.

New addition to Holby Blue

There will be a new addition to the cast of ‘Holby Blue’ for the forthcoming second series… Oliver Milburn who has starred in shows such as ‘The Forsythe Saga’ and ‘Born and Bred’ has joined the cast to play DCI Scott Vaughan. The show’s Executive producer, Karen Wilson said: “Scott certainly creates a stir and is sure to perpetuate some intriguing goings-on at the station! However, he has big shoes