Crossroads’ Benny to seek the Doctors

Crossroads mainstay of the 1970s and 80s was “dim-wit” Benny.  The actor behind the character, Paul Henry, who hasn’t been seen on TV much since the motel’s demise in 1988 is to star in BBC 1 Midland soap, Doctors

Brookside axed after 21 Years

Channel 4 has finally laid to rest its one-time flagship programme after a year of uncertainty over the production. Brookside will bow out in the same month it celebrates 21 years on air.

Stephanie Beacham is no Angel

Bad Girls star Stephanie Beacham has revealed she turned down a role in the revamped Crossroads. Beacham, is best known for her glamorous role as 1980s super-bitch Sable Colby in Dynasty.