The ninth and final season of the 1980s super-soap Dynasty is to be released on DVD in the UK later this year.

The final season of antics of the Carrington and Colby households will be available to buy on DVD from November. The release of the ninth season of Dynasty on DVD comes hot on the heels of the 8th season which was released earlier this month in the UK. It will mean that all nine seasons of the glamorous oil based soap will have been released on DVD in the UK. It is likely the 1991 reunion movie will also be released at some point though that has yet to be confirmed. More unclear is the fate of Dynasty‘s short-lived spin-off The Colbys which, as yet, has not been released or scheduled for release on DVD.

The ninth season of Dynasty saw Stephanie Beacham added to the main cast as Sable Colby, the cousin of Alexis (Joan Collins), reprising her role from the spin-off series. The rivalry between Alexis and Sable forms a large part of the season arc as the two women scheme against each other in a ruthless war.

Stephanie Beacham in Dynasty

Meanwhile Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) faced trouble at home as his ever faithful wife Krystle (Linda Evans) faced serious health issues while the oil baron once again faced accusations of murder…The season ends on a cliff-hanger as the fates of several characters are left hanging…quite literally in some cases!

The ninth season of Dynasty will be released on DVD, in the UK, on 5th November; subject to change. You can pre-order it now on and other online retailers.

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